This Is Why The Most Intelligent Girls Suck At Flirting

Just because a girl is intelligent, it doesn’t mean she has everything figured out. It doesn’t mean she knows how to handle every single thing that life throws at her. It doesn’t mean she’s skilled in social situations.

The most intelligent girls aren’t really sure how to have flirty, meaningless conversations. They prefer to have deep conversations. Conversations with substance. Conversations that tell them something about the person. Conversations they can walk away from feeling more knowledgable or more inspired.

The most intelligent girls aren’t going to use cliche flirting techniques. They aren’t going to dumb themselves down in order to appear cute. They aren’t going to laugh at every word that comes out of your mouth. They aren’t going to use their looks to get their way.

The most intelligent girls value personality over beauty. They aren’t all that impressed by someone with nice hair and six-pack abs. They care more about what’s inside of someone’s head and heart than what’s outside for their eyes to see.

That’s why the most intelligent girls want to talk in person, face-to-face, not over social media. They don’t want to like your photos and comment on your statuses to hint at the fact that they’re interested in you. That’s not personal enough. That doesn’t help you get to know each other. That’s just a way to act like your relationship is developing without putting in any real effort.

The most intelligent girls aren’t interested in playing games. They don’t want to hear any backhanded compliments. They don’t want to interpret any mixed signals. They don’t want to waste their time with someone who lies or leads them on.

Besides, the most intelligent girls don’t need a relationship to feel fulfilled. They’re happy on their own, so they don’t care if they go months without dating. Without flirting. Without being given attention from a man.

The most intelligent girls suck at flirting, because they can’t spend all of their time searching for their person. They have other things to take care of throughout the day. They have to worry about their work and friends and family and pets. They lead busy lives. Love isn’t the center of their universe.

Don’t be mistaken. There are plenty of intelligent girls out there who like to flip their hair and flirt at bars, who sleep around and know how to work a room. There are plenty of intelligent girls who kill the flirting game — but there are just as many who don’t understand how this whole flirting thing works.

There are just as many who suck in social situations. Who feel like complete idiots when it comes to flirting, even though they’re geniuses when it comes to everything else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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