This Is The Creepiest Thing About You Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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ESFJ: You overstep your boundaries by staring into other people’s cars to see who is in there and by staring through living room windows to see what’s happening. When someone’s blinds are open, you always peek inside.

ISTJ: When you hear about something bad that happens to a friend or family member, you don’t… really… care. You never cry if it isn’t your own personal problem. And that kind of worries you, because it sounds like serial killer logic.

INTP: You threaten people — but only when they can’t hear you. Like when you’re in your car alone or while you’re in the shower having a practice conversation with them.

ISTP: You’re the kind of person who secretly hopes for an apocalypse, just to see if you would be able to survive. To see if you have what it takes to outlast the friends and family members that you would be stuck with.

ISFP: You’ve seen at least one ghost in your lifetime. And you feel like you’ve gotten messages from people who have passed away. It’s like you have a connection to the spirit world.

ISFJ: You keep a gun or a pocket knife on you at all times. And you sleep with them close to you. If you’re ever attacked, you’re ready to kill that motherfucker.

ESTP: Your guilty pleasure is watching gory medical shows and crime dramas. And you always slow down whenever you see a car accident. A sick part of you likes seeing the blood and bone.

ENFJ: You believe in psychics. You visit one at least once per year.

ENTP: You laugh at car accidents and people falling down steps. You’ve even laughed out loud during a funeral before. Dark things amuse you.

ESTJ: You aren’t a dog and cat person. You’re more of a snake and spiders person.

ENFP: Most of the time, you root for the villain of the movie. You don’t think that they’re that bad. You kind of admire them. They’re usually the most intelligent one.

ENTJ: You can never watch enough serial killer documentaries or read enough Wikipedia articles on them. They’re fascinating. You love learning how their minds work.

INFP: Honestly, you’re not all that creepy. But Halloween is your favorite holiday. You love it even more as an adult than you did as a child.

INFJ: You always leave your headphones on to eavesdrop on the people surrounding you. And you stare at other people’s cellphones when you’re in a crowded area to try to read their private conversations.

INTJ: There’s a celebrity you’re so obsessed with that you’ve created a shrine for them somewhere in your house. And you’ve probably met them in person once or twice after stalking them thoroughly enough.

ESFP: You take creeper pictures of people you find attractive, people you spot in compromising situations, and basically anyone you can get away with taking a picture of without getting found out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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