You Are Allowed To Chase After Him

Unsplash / Ioana Casapu

If you play hard to get, he’s never going to realize you like him. He’s going assume he doesn’t stand a chance with you and move on to someone else. Someone who laughs at his jokes and answers his messages. Someone who gives him the attention he needs.

You don’t have to put on a mask and pretend like you couldn’t care less about him. You can be honest. You can be authentic. 

You can chase after him. 

You don’t have to sit quietly, hoping that he’ll hit on you. You’re allowed to make eye contact and smile at him from across the room. You’re allowed to walk up to him and introduce yourself.

You’re allowed to send the first text and invite him out to dinner. You’re allowed to tell him how cute he looks and lean in for a kiss. You’re allowed to make all the first moves.

Don’t believe the lies you’ve heard about boys being turned off by blunt girls. That’s complete bullshit.

Most men will admire your confidence. They’ll think it’s sexy that you take things into your own hands. That you know exactly what you want and go after it.

Boys hate playing dating games as much as you do. They don’t want to guess what you’re thinking. They don’t want to try to figure out whether or not you’re interested, whether or not they should ask you out.

They want you to be straightforward. They want you to say how you feel so that they don’t accidentally read your mind wrong. 

So if there’s a guy you want to be with, don’t hold back from sending him a flirty text or initiating an extra long hug. Don’t hesitate to let him know how you feel. Don’t stop yourself from going after him.

Feel free to text him. Compliment him. Kiss him. Chase after him.

Chase after him, because it’s better to be rejected today than to spend all of your tomorrows wondering what if. 

Chase after him, because he deserves to know how you feel — and you deserve a chance to admit how you feel.

Chase after him, because you know that’s what you want to do.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should chase after any boys who treat you like crap.

If you’ve been sending the first texts and he hasn’t been answering, if you’ve been inviting him out to dinner and he keeps canceling, if you’ve been giving him all of your attention and he’s been giving you none of his — then stop chasing him. Because he clearly doesn’t want to be with you. He clearly doesn’t appreciate everything you’ve been doing for him. 

Never waste your time chasing after a boy who takes you for granted or thinks you come on too strong or is already hung up on another girl.

Find someone else who appreciates that you say whatever runs through your mind at the time. Someone who is happy you’re willing to make the first move.

Find someone who admires the fact that you’re straightforward. Someone who loves that you’re true to yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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