This Is What It Really Means To ‘Treat A Girl Right’ Because It’s More Than Just Texting Her Back

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Treating a girl right means more than sending her good morning messages and texting her late at night to see if she got home safe. It means more than putting an emoji heart next to her name and reminding her you miss her.

Treating a girl right means motivating her, inspiring her. Telling her that you believe in her. Pushing her to go to that interview or try out for that team when she’s on the fence about whether or not she should put herself out there.

Treating a girl right means doing little things for her. Leaving love notes for her to find around the house. Setting her alarm when she forgets to do it herself. Doing the dishes when you know she’s going to get home late.

Treating a girl right means involving her in your life. Waiting a few extra days to catch up on a show so that you can watch it together. Inviting her to eat dinner with your parents on their birthdays. Adding her to the group chat with your best friends.

Treating a girl right means showing up when it matters. Being there for her whenever she’s feeling blue. Attending her family’s reunions and holiday parties. Visiting her during her lunch break when your schedules have been too hectic to see each other much.

Treating a girl right means really letting her into your life. Sticking the photos and letters she gave you onto your fridge. Posting pictures of your dates on social media. Letting her leave her toothbrush and her clothes all over your apartment.

Treating a girl right means committing to her. Deleting your flirty ex from your phone. Turning down any strangers who hit on you. Letting go of all the other girls you could have dated if you were still single.

Treating a girl right means memorizing her. Remembering the names of her aunts and uncles. Knowing what makes her smile and what makes her uncomfortable. Being able to list off her favorite movies and snacks and nail polish colors without even having to think about it.

Treating a girl right means opening up to her. Telling her about the rough parts of your past. Letting her see you with tears in your eyes. Giving her pieces of yourself you’ve never given another person.

Treating a girl right means grouping together. Acting like she’s your teammate. Asking for her help to pick out new curtains or a car instead of doing it yourself. Referring to the dog and the bed and the house as ours instead of mine.

Treating a girl right means being affectionate. Holding her hand at the movies. Cuddling her after sex. Saying that you love her every chance you get because you never get tired of those words.

Treating a girl right means treating her like your family. Like your equal. Like your best friend in the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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