The Beautiful Truth About Girls Who Are Both Soft And Strong

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Girls who are both soft and strong cry behind closed doors. They don’t want anyone else to see them sad, because they don’t want that sadness to spread. They want to be a beacon of happiness for everyone in their life. The person who makes the world laugh.

Girls who are both soft and strong still experience moments of sorrow, but they always get back onto their feet. They don’t let failure or rejection convince them to give up on their goals. They take some time to mope, to wallow in their misery, and then they force themselves to move on.

No matter how many hardships they go through, they always find a way to persist. Their pain has toughened them. It has turned them into the warriors they are today.

Girls who are both soft and strong think more than they speak. Instead of admitting when something is bothering them, they search inward for answers. They spend a long time focusing on their problems, but rarely discuss them out loud.

Sometimes even the people who are closest to them don’t realize how much pain they’re in, how badly they’ve been hurting, because they suffer in silence.

They are sensitive souls, but they don’t want to appear weak by overreacting. They don’t want to call someone out on a comment that was meant to be harmless.

They pick their battles because they don’t want to lose the family and friends who mean the most to them. They don’t want to start a fight over something silly.

Girls who are both soft and strong are the advice givers of their friend group. They’re the ones who answer 2 AM phone calls and listen to sob stories.

They’re the ones who sympathize with what their loved ones are going through, but always give pep talks to empower them, to remind them of their intrinsic worth.

Girls who are both soft and strong are confident on the outside and insecure on the inside. They act like they have their life together, even though they spend their nights questioning whether they’re going down the right path.

They aren’t entirely happy with how much money they’re making or entirely comfortable with how they look, but they make the best of their situation. They try to see the beauty in the world and in themselves.

Girls who are both soft and strong are sentimentalists. They keep boxes of memories in their closets and spend most nights thinking about how much they miss the people who used to be close to them.

But they also appreciate the present. They’re proud of how far they’ve come and the person that life has carved them into. They’re happy with where they are and are excited to see what the future will hold.

Girls who are both soft and strong make the best friends, the best sisters and daughters, the best girlfriends.

They’re the kind of people anyone would be lucky to have in their life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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