She Likes You, But She Won’t Lower Her Standards To Be With You

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She wants to date you, but only if you treat her right. If you show up on time and answer her texts and tell her how you’re feeling as you’re feeling it.

She isn’t willing to be the kind of girlfriend who waits around all day for her boyfriend to show up. Who goes to bed with tears in her eyes because he made a mean comment about her weight. Who never knows where the hell he is because he won’t take two seconds to answer her messages.

She won’t let you take advantage of her and she won’t justify your bad behavior. She refuses to enter into a toxic relationship, because she knows she has options.

You’re her first choice, you’re the only one she really wants to be with, but she’ll move onto the next guy if that’s what she has to do.

She wants to date you, but only if you meet her expectations.

She isn’t going to lower her standards, just because you’re attractive. Because you make her laugh. Because she likes being around you.

She knows that there are certain things that can’t be sacrificed in a relationship, like trust and loyalty and honesty. She isn’t willing to compromise when it comes to those traits.

So you can either treat her with the love and affection you know she deserves or you can walk away now before one of you gets hurt.

It’s not that she’s picky or that she has unreasonably high standards. She’s not asking for much, only the basics. Only someone who keeps his promises and treats her as an equal and genuinly gives a shit about her.

She won’t accept half-ass love. She won’t let you use her when you’re bored and discard her when someone new comes along.

You can’t choose which bits and pieces of yourself you give her. You don’t get to decide what days you’ll spoil her and what days you’ll ignore her.

She either wants everything you have to give or nothing at all. She either wants to be your official, exclusive girlfriend or to become a girl that you used to know.

As much as she likes you, she isn’t interested in an almost relationship. Sometimes isn’t good enough for her. She needs more than that.

She needs someone who holds her hands during dates so everyone can see that you’re with her. Someone who will bake cookies with her during the day and drink beer with her at night. Someone who doesn’t run away when he sees her break down or senses a fight coming.

She needs someone who is there for her, forever and always.

Even though she really wants to date you, she’ll stay single if she has to stay single. If you don’t treat her the way that she deserves.

She has too much pride to settle for someone who takes all her love and doesn’t give enough in return. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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