If You Have To Do These 11 Things To Keep Him Interested, He’s Never Going To Date You

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1. Chase after him. You shouldn’t have to send the first text every time. If you’re the only one initiating conversations — if he’s perfectly fine going weeks without speaking to you — then he doesn’t care about you nearly enough to become your boyfriend.

2. Act provocative. If he only texts you after you post extra sexy Instagram pictures, then he’s only looking for one thing. And he’s going to leave you as soon as he gets it.

3. Keep the conversation going. It doesn’t matter whether you’re texting or talking IRL. Either way, if he’s only giving one word responses to your super long stories, then he doesn’t care what you have to say. He doesn’t care if the conversation ends right there.

4. Lose weight. He should like you, whether you’re ten pounds lighter or ten pounds heavier. If he only gives you his attention based on how good you look that day, then he isn’t the kind of guy who values personality. He isn’t the kind of guy who wants a serious girlfriend.

5. Make him jealous. You shouldn’t have to flirt with his friends to make him realize what he’s missing. If he only wants you when he feels like you’re off-limits, a relationship will never work.

6. Badger him. If you’ve asked him to hang out five times in a row, because he said he was busy the first four times, he definitely doesn’t want to see you as much as you want to see him. If he did, then he would try to reschedule on his own. He would make sure that, one way or another, he spent time with you.

7. Play mind games. If he’s more interested in you when you ignore him, if he likes you better when you treat him like shit, then he’s probably not mature enough for a relationship with you. If you play games from the start, it’s only going to get worse.

8. Remind him to care. If you have to ask him ten times whether or not you’re still hanging out over the weekend, because otherwise he’ll totally forget about you and make other plans, then you aren’t his priority. If you were, then he would mark the date on his calendar and never forget it.

9. Sext. If he only texts you to sext you, then you already know what’s on his mind. You already know that this boy will never become more than a fling.

10. Lie. You shouldn’t pretend to be a fan of his favorite band or act like you’re into whatever sport he plays in order to impress him. If you can’t be yourself around him, then he isn’t the one for you.

11. Have sex with him. If he doesn’t seem interested in you now, sleeping with him isn’t going to change his mind. It won’t magically convince him to become your boyfriend. So, unless you’re okay with a one-night stand, don’t give him your body as a way to get his heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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