27 Disturbing Would You Rather Questions To Ruin Your Night

1. Would you rather be kidnapped by human killers or abducted by aliens?

2. Would you rather be stuck as a victim in the last horror movie you watched or the last Stephen King book you read?

3. Would you rather die by getting all of your limbs chopped off and bleeding out or by being doused in gasoline and set on fire?

4. Would you rather eat one live cockroach or two dead snakes?

5. Would you rather see a shadowy figure outside of your bedroom window or feel like someone is following behind you on your way home from work?

6. Would you rather drink your own piss or eat your own hair?

7. Would you rather grow horns or tentacles?

8. Would you rather keep your dead lover’s head in a jar on your shelf or their entire corpse in your bed and sleep beside it?

9. Would you rather lose a game of Russian Roulette or The Most Dangerous Game?

10. Would you rather help your best friend cover up a murder or turn them into the police and have them hate you for it?

11. Would you rather find a dead body inside of your refrigerator or inside of your car trunk?

12. Would you rather be shoved into a tank full of sharks or a cage full of lions?

13. Would you rather run over a stranger on accident and get away with it, or murder someone you hated and go to jail for it?

14. Would you rather be stranded on a deserted island without any food around or stranded on a raft with plenty of fish around you?

15. Would you rather hear someone’s dying words or watch them take their final breaths?

16. Would you rather be buried alive in a coffin in the middle of a forest or buried up to your head in sand while waves washed over you?

17. Would you rather have your tongue cut off or one of your eyes gouged out?

18. Would you rather chug rat poison or bleach?

19. Would you rather have your genitals mutilated or your face mutilated?

20. Would you rather become best friends with Norman Bates or Hannibal Lecter?

21. Would you rather be tortured by getting bamboo beneath your fingernails or by having your skin torched and charred?

22. Would you rather be as hairy as a werewolf or as braindead as a zombie?

23. Would you rather get bitten by a poisonous spider or eaten by a bear?

24. Would you rather be abducted by a psychotic hitchhiker or by a psychotic clown?

25. Would you rather have a parent who became a serial killer or a child who became a serial killer?

26. Would you rather discover that zombies existed or that vampires existed?

27. Would you rather marry a serial killer or be best friends with a cannibal? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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