Trust Me, You Can Do Better Than Him

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Look at you. Look how hard you can make your friends laugh. Look how deeply your pets love you. Look how cute the outfits you wear are.

You’re a catch. You’re someone worth fighting for.

So if some boy was stupid enough to give you up, that’s his loss. Not yours.

You can do better than the boy who thought he could get away with ignoring your texts and canceling your plans. The boy who assumed he could walk all over you and you would just take it because you liked him that much.

You can do better than the boy who lied to you. Who kept secrets for months without feeling an ounce of guilt. Who tricked you into believing something untrue, even though you were brutally honest with him from the start.

You can do better than the boy who always kept his eyes open, because one woman wasn’t enough for him. The boy who decided he would rather hurt you than be with you. 

Stop telling yourself that you did something wrong. That you chased him away. That if you had a smaller waist or larger lips, things would have ended up differently. That if you didn’t double text or stopped asking so many questions, maybe he would have stayed.

Because that’s bullshit.

He left, because that’s what he planned on doing all along. There wasn’t anything you could have done to change his mind. It was already made up, long before you realized it.

But that’s okay. You don’t need someone like him in your life. You can do better.

You are strong. You are beautiful. You are worthy of love — but you deserve someone else’s love.

Even if he was to turn around tomorrow and text you, to ask you back to his apartment to kiss away the pain, you should still move on. You should still kiss his ass goodbye.

Because you deserve better than a boy who had to lose you to see how much he needed you. You deserve someone who realizes your worth from the start. Someone who knows how lucky he is every time he sees your name on his cellphone. 

Remember, the fact that he broke you to pieces doesn’t reflect poorly on you. It reflects poorly on him. Because he turned down the girl that would have given him everything. The girl who tried her hardest to make him happy.

The girl who could do so much better than him.

One day, you will find someone that is better than him in every conceivable way. Someone nicer, someone smarter, someone sexier. Someone who doesn’t lie, doesn’t cheat, and doesn’t break important promises.

You just have to remember not to settle for the next boy who comes along. Don’t let your heartbreak convince you to jump into a relationship with a stranger, because you just want to be cuddled.

Wait until you find someone who has actually earned your time and affection. Wait until you find someone who deserves all you have to give. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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