This Is The Honest Reason Why Good Girls Fall For Bad Boys

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Good girls are tired of being good.

She’s spent her entire life doing the right thing, being smart, being responsible.

In high school, she handed in her homework on time. She never failed a test. She didn’t ditch class to smoke pot in the bathroom. She was a model student.

And now that she’s older, she still plays by the rules. Her boss loves her, because she’s determined and dedicated and efficient. She does whatever she’s asked to do and never causes a stir.

That should make her proud, but honestly, sometimes it just gets boring.

She’s sick of always listening to her head over her heart. Of doing what will pay off in the long run instead of enjoying the moment. Of sticking to a predictable routine.

She wants a change.

If only for a little while, she wants to experience the thrill of adventure. She wants to know what it feels like to be wild, spontaneous, and free. She wants to feel like she’s really alive, making the most out of her years.

She fell for a bad boy, because he gave her a reason to wake up in the morning with a smile. Because he made her heartbeat quicken. Because he made her pulse jump.

Because, even though her friends and family warned her about him, she went out with him anyway — and had the best sex of her life. She finally did what she wanted instead of what was expected of her.

She finally let herself forget about the consequences and live in the moment.

And, as fucked up as it sounds, nothing has made her feel more alive than the highs and lows of heartache. Than crying her eyes out in the bathroom of a party, because he was flirting with another girl. Than screaming through the phone to his voicemail, because he decided to go MIA on date night — and then having make-up sex the next morning and taking a spontaneous road trip that she’ll remember forever.

She understands that type of a relationship isn’t healthy, but fuck it, it was fun. At least for a little while. At least until she came back to her senses.

And yes, she knows she never should have thought like that. She knows that she was being stupid. That she was taking unnecessary risks. But she’s allowed to make mistakes.

And she knows that, eventually, she’ll wise up and get tired of bad boys and everything that they represent.

Eventually, she’ll realize that toxic relationships aren’t worth it and that she should settle down with someone who actually gives a shit about her. Someone who won’t take off on his motorcycle without telling her where he’s going or dance with random girls at clubs until three in the morning.

Eventually, she’ll get the bad boys out of her system and start looking for someone who isn’t temporary. Someone who isn’t destined to break her heart.

Someone who she can see a real future with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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