They’re Not Your Forever Person Unless They Do These 26 Little Things For You

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1. Your forever person will read your favorite book and watch your favorite movie, just so they can understand the references you always make.

2. Your forever person will try to get off from work on your birthday, so they can spend the entire day with you.

3. Your forever person will turn up the heat for you, even when they already think the house is way too hot.

4. Your forever person will find a way to make you laugh when you’re in the middle of crying.

5. Your forever person will show off your vacation pictures to everyone, even though they usually hate to brag about their personal life.

6. Your forever person will notice the little things, like that you got a new haircut or had your nails professionally painted.

7. Your forever person will buy your parents (and your pets) presents for every holiday.

8. Your forever person will cuddle with you, even when you feel gross and unlovable.

9. Your forever person will record your favorite show when you tell them you’re going to be home a little later than usual.

10. Your forever person will learn the brand of soap and shampoo you use, in case they ever have to pick it up from the store.

11. Your forever person will stock their kitchen with snacks you love, even if they don’t have a sweet tooth of their own.

12. Your forever person will walk you to your car when it’s too dark outside and text you to make sure you got home safe.

13. Your forever person will remind you to take out your contacts and wash your face when you’re too drunk to take care of yourself.

14. Your forever person will let you borrow their jacket and share their blanket when you’re freezing cold.

15. Your forever person will buy an extra toothbrush that you can leave at their house, beneath their sink.

16. Your forever person will help you through your roughest nights, even if it means they have to stay up until two in the morning and feel tired at work the next day.

17. Your forever person will pet your dog (or cat or rabbit) as soon as they walk through the door, because they feel like it’s their pet too.

18. Your forever person will compliment you, even when you’re wearing old pajamas and haven’t showered yet.

19. Your forever person will blast your favorite song during a road trip, even if you have totally different tastes in music.

20. Your forever person will text you when they wake up in the morning and before they drift off to sleep at night.

21. Your forever person will clean out a drawer for you, so you can leave your stuff at their place.

22. Your forever person will come up with an excuse for the both of you when they know you want to leave a party early.

23. Your forever person will pick up your favorite fast food on the way home from work, without having to call you to ask what you want to order.

24. Your forever person will kiss you on the forehead as often as they kiss you on the neck.

25. Your forever person will tell you that you’re their best friend — and actually mean it.

26. Your forever person will talk to you about your future, because they know you’re going to spend the rest of your lives together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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