The Best Boyfriends Are The Ones Who Actually Put In Effort

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The best boyfriends actually make an effort. They try their best to make you happy — because they know that you are trying just as hard.

The best boyfriends are excited to hear about your day at work, about the news your mother gave you over the phone, about that television show you can’t stop watching — because they are interested in the things that interest you.

The best boyfriends agree to get dinner with your parents and drinks with your best friends, because the people who matter to you also matter to them. Because they want to become a real part of your family.

The best boyfriends know exactly what to say to get you to laugh when tears are streaming down your face. They understand what makes you smile, what makes you tick.

The best boyfriends can make any moment exciting. They can make you laugh for the silliest reasons and come up with a game to play on line at the grocery store to make the time fly by.

The best boyfriends don’t act like everything is about them. When you’re sad, they are there to comfort you and help you work through the problem, instead of questioning you about how you could possibly be unhappy when they do everything for you. When you couldn’t possibly have it better than you do now.

The best boyfriends understand that they aren’t the center of your universe. They’re happy you have a life of your own. That you have family to talk to when they’re busy at work and friends to see when they’re out with their own friends.

The best boyfriends never make excuses. When they screw up, they admit it. They apologize. And they try to make things right. They don’t try to turn the situation around and act like you did something wrong. Like they have nothing to be ashamed of.

The best boyfriends remind you of how much they love you with their words and with their actions. They bring home your favorite candy and take you to your favorite restaurants. Not because you asked them to do it. Because they thought of it on their own.

The best boyfriends compliment you before you get the chance to ask if your outfit looks good, because they want you to see your beauty. Because they always think you look hot and want you to know it.

The best boyfriends wear their hearts on their sleeves. They tell you when something is bothering them. They admit when they’re going through a rough time. They aren’t too embarrassed to cry in front of you.

The best boyfriends are the ones who notice your new haircut. The ones who realize when you’re upset before you have the chance to tell them. The ones who actually pay attention.

The best boyfriends put in as much effort as you do when it comes to having important conversations, planning dates, initiating sex — everything. They act as your teammate, as your true equal.

The best boyfriends are always there for you. No matter what. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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