She Wants To Take Things Slow, Because She Has Been Hurt Before

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She’s been hurt before. She fell for someone she thought she knew, but after months of loving him, she discovered that he wasn’t the same person he lead her to believe he was. That he was just using her.

He broke her heart — and she doesn’t want to let that happen again.

She doesn’t want to let someone into her heart if he is only planning on breaking it. She doesn’t want to let down her walls again if it is only going to bite her in the ass.

She’s scared — and you can’t blame her. Anyone would be scared if they went through what she went through.

She has been screwed over in the past, but she’s smarter now. She wants to be more careful in the future, so that her heart doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. She wants to get to know the boy she’s interested in before she starts daydreaming about walking down the aisle with him.

She’s sick of being led on and lied to, all because a boy wanted to get laid. Because he wanted her for her body and nothing else.

That’s why she’s not going to tell you she loves you before she knows for sure that it’s the truth. She’s not going to move in with you before she feels like she’s really ready. She’s not going to talk about spending forever with you until she believes that you belong together.

She has been hurt before and she is not going to let it happen again.

But that’s not the only reason why she wants to take things slow with you.

She wants to take things slow, because she likes you more than she’s liked anyone in a while. She doesn’t want to fuck this up.

She doesn’t want to rush through the important moments that are meant to be cherished. Your first date. Your first kiss. Your first night in bed together.

Normally, she’s scared of waiting too long to take things further, because she knows it turns some boys off. That waiting chases some boys away, because they’re impatient and want to take the next step as soon as possible.

But she believes you’re different. That you’re someone who is going to stick around, whether she sleeps with you on the first date or the fiftieth. Whether she tells you she loves you the moment she realizes it or waits a few months.

She wants to take things slow, because she realizes that healthy relationships take time to grow. That you aren’t going to get to know each other overnight. That it’s going to take a while to learn about each other in depth — but she is willing to spend her time on you. She is willing to give you a chance.

She wants to take things slow, because she believes she could spend a lifetime with you — which means you have the rest of your years to get to know each other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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