Girls Who Make The First Move End Up The Happiest

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She doesn’t sit around, drinking wine, wondering when some boy is finally going to text her. She sends that first text herself.

And if she sees someone cute at the bar, she doesn’t make subtle eye contact for hours and hope that he’ll get the hint and approach her. She does the dirty work herself. She walks up to him and asks for his number.

She’s a busy woman, so she doesn’t waste her time trying to analyze what someone means. She doesn’t reread a boy’s texts and send him mixed signals, all the while trying to figure out whether or not he has feelings for her.

She doesn’t have time for that nonsense.

She tells him that she likes him — or at least shows him — so that she doesn’t end up with any regrets. So that she doesn’t end up seeing his relationship status change on Facebook and kicking herself for keeping her feelings to herself. So she never has to wonder what if… 

Girls like her, girls who make the first move, always end up the happiest, because it doesn’t matter if she ends up with a new boyfriend or if she ends up getting rejected. Either way, she’s happy.

Because even if she gets turned down, if she finds out he doesn’t want an actual relationship with her, at least she doesn’t have to question anymore. She doesn’t have to keep playing guessing games, wondering why he said what he said and if he feels the same way she feels.

When she gets turned down, it’s not as painful as people think, because she didn’t waste years crushing on him, letting her feelings develop deeply. She made a move as soon as she realized she wanted him. She didn’t waste any time.

To her, getting rejected is actually a good thing. It means she has the chance to move on, to find someone else who actually wants to be with her, instead of dwelling on somebody who isn’t interested.

She would rather know how a guy really feels about her than try to guess. She would rather know the ugly truth than believe a pretty lie.

Making the first move isn’t easy, even for her, but she pushes past the fear, because she knows that it will be worth it in the end. She realizes that feelings aren’t something taboo that should remain hidden. They should be screamed from the rooftops.

She’s brave. Strong. And damn proud of herself.

She’s proud that she did what most people would be too terrified to do. That she took her love life into her own hands. That she let herself be vulnerable, if only for a few seconds.

She isn’t afraid of speaking her mind. She isn’t afraid of getting turned down. She isn’t afraid of having her heart shattered.

The only thing she’s afraid of is what would happen if she never gave love a shot. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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