Don’t Date Someone That You Can’t Trust

Drew Wilson

She’s not going to trust you if you’re weird about your phone. If you never let her borrow it, even for two seconds to check her email. If strange names pop up on your screen that she’s never heard of before, that you’ve never bothered to mention in conversation.

She’s not going to trust you if you comment on the hotness of every girl that walks by. If you stare at the waitress for longer than you should. If you refuse to delete your ex from your social media, even though you keep going off about what a bitch she is.

She’s not going to trust you if you act like you’re still looking around, searching for another girl to stick your dick into.

She wants to know that you’re committed, that you’re serious about staying with her and only her. That you’re done playing the field and are ready to start a new chapter of your life.

She’s not going to trust you if you keep acting like every other guy she’s ever met who has cheated on their girlfriend — if you’re sketchy and manipulative and flaky.

She’s not going to trust you, unless you turn down girls that hit on you. Unless you delete all of your old booty calls from your contacts list. Unless you make it clear that you’re in a committed relationship and wouldn’t have it any other way.

She’s not going to trust you, unless you tell her the truth about where you were and who you were with and what you want from her. Unless you answer the questions that she asks you instead of trying to avoid being honest with her, avoid having an adult conversation.

She’s not going to trust you, unless you promise her that you’re never going to hurt her — and actually try to keep that promise.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never technically cheated on her, because if you make her feel like you’re settling for her and make it obvious that there are other girls that you would love to bang if you were single — she’s going to feel insecure. She’s going to feel like she’s in the wrong relationship.

She’s been hurt in the past. It’s already hard for her heart to stay open. Don’t make it any harder for her. Don’t screw her over.

From the start, treat her right. Make sure she knows that you’re not the cheating type. That she has nothing to worry about.

That way, she won’t freak out if you get home five minutes late. If you forget to answer her text. If you happen to run into your ex.

She won’t feel the need to check up on you when you’re in a healthy relationship and she knows that you would never do anything to upset her. When she knows that you’re on her side.

So don’t do any sketchy shit that will make her question your loyalty to her, because once she realizes that she can’t trust you, there’s no going back. She’ll be gone forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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