17 Guys Reveal The Hottest Way A Girl Has Made The First Move On Them

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1. “You know, little things matter. I invited a girl over to watch Game Of Thrones, and instead of sitting on the opposite end of the couch or the recliner, she sat right next to me. So close we were touching. I don’t know if it counts as making the first move, but it made it clear she was interested. Gave me the courage to make my move.” — Tyler, 23

2. “My ex scribbled her phone number onto a piece of paper and slipped it into the back of my jeans. That kind of confidence is sexy.” — Jordan, 21

3. “I thought we were just friends. Had zero idea she was into me — until one day she texted me something like, this is probably inappropriate to say but I’m so horny right now. And then we started sexting. Was that easy. As soon as she said those words, I started looking at her in a totally different way.” — Erik, 27

4. “I’d been texting this woman for a while, and one day she sends me a message saying, ‘How much longer until you ask me out? Or am I going to have to do it myself?'” — Sean, 28

5. “I went to the movies with a coworker. It was one of those things where you don’t know if it’s a date or just hanging out. But then she started touching my thigh. Rubbing and squeezing. Made it obvious what she wanted.” — Marcus, 22

6. “I was hanging out with this girl during our lunch break, but I was checking Twitter. She told me it was rude to stare at a screen while she was talking and pulled my phone out of my hand. She said it in a flirty way, but I was still kind of annoyed until I realized she was putting her number into it. Now, we’re dating. Just had our six month anniversary.” — Rich, 25

7. “All right, so this chick tells me that she had a sex dream about me. I ask her if my dream self was any good in the sack, and she said I was, but that she didn’t think I would be that good in reality. It was clearly a challenge. We hooked up that night.” — Luis, 24

8. “I was at a party and this friend of a friend walked over and sat on my lap. There were chairs she could have pulled over, but she wanted to be on top of me. And I certainly wasn’t complaining.” — Trevor, 21

9. “She sent me a song over Facebook that apparently reminded her of me, and the song was all about falling in love. It was her way of admitting she had feelings for me. I found it adorable at the time. Still do, even though she turned out to be a psychopath.” — Victor, 25

10. “She added me on Snapchat and, she didn’t technically send me nudes, but sent pictures with her cleavage out and lips all pouty. I was obsessed with her after that.” — Dylan, 23

11. “I asked her out. She invited me back to her house, but I had to use the bathroom. By the time I got out, she was completely naked on the couch. No one has ever topped that.” — Darren, 30

12. “There was a shit ton of sexual tension between me and my fiancé, but neither of us ever acted on it, because we were close and didn’t want to ruin our friendship. And then, one time, I was in the middle of telling her a story about my grandparents and she leaned over and kissed me. Just like that. Told me I looked too cute, that she couldn’t wait any longer to touch me.” — Anthony, 26

13. “She asked me if I had plans over the weekend. I told her no, so she invited me to dinner with her. It happened so naturally. I think it should always be that way.” — Joel, 24

14. “We were at a concert and before saying a word to me, she grabbed my hands and put them on her waist to dance. She was only a one-night stand, but I haven’t stopped thinking about her.” — Oliver, 26

15. “My best friend knew I was going through a rough time, so she showed up at my house with pizza and beer. One thing lead to another and now we’re newlyweds.” — Julian, 33

16. “Boys are morons. At least, I am. You have to basically throw your body in my face before I realize you like me. My last girlfriend said she tried to subtly flirt with me for months, but it just wasn’t working. So one day, when we were hanging out in her bedroom playing video games, she complained about how hot it was and took off her shirt. I finally got the hint and kissed her. I wish all girls would be that blunt.” — Bob, 27

17. “Met this chick at a club. Started talking. She gave me her number, but instead of inserting her name, she made her contact say the best sex you’ll ever have. That’s bold AF. Loved the confidence.” — Ronnie, 25 Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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