16 Subtle Signs You Are Closer To Getting Over Him Than You Thought

Unsplash / Christian Gertenbach

1. You hardly ever stalk him anymore. Once in a while, you’ll glance at his Instagram to see how he’s doing, but you don’t click on every single picture to get a closer look and read the caption. You’re curious about him, but you’re no longer obsessed.

2. When you’re bored at work and your mind drifts off, you usually think about your weekend plans, the chores you have to do when you get home, or some new boy you like. He’s not the first thing that pops into your head anymore.

3. You can sit through a movie with an actor he loved or listen to that song he used to play on repeat without having a breakdown. Yes, those things still make you think of him, but only for a split second.

4. You’re able to tell stories about him, or look at old photographs you took together, and smile instead of cry. You’re happy about the memories you have — not bitter.

5. When your phone beeps, your heart no longer jumps, hoping his name pops up on the screen. You’ve accepted that you two are strangers now. That he isn’t going to text you and that you shouldn’t text him, either.

6. You’ve stopped looking for his name whenever you post a new picture on Instagram. You don’t care if he likes it. Things like that have stopped mattering to you.

7. You’ve started eating at the restaurant he used to bring you to and walking through the mall near his house, even though there’s a risk that you’ll run into him. The thought of seeing his face again isn’t that big of a deal anymore.

8. You’ve forgotten some key pieces of information. The name of his dog. The number of his house. The shade of his eyes. His birthday. You can’t remember any of it.

9. You’ve hung out with your friends without mentioning his name.

10. You’ve gotten wasted without missing him and being tempted to drunk text him.

11. When you’re out having fun with friends, you aren’t secretly thinking about how you’d be having more fun if he was with you. You’re just enjoying the moment.

12. When you run into him, you don’t have the urge to run and hide — or the urge to wrap your arms around him and plant kisses. You’re able to walk up to him like a normal human being, say hello, and ask him how he’s been.

13. You’ve stopped looking at your outfits and thinking this is the dress I wore during our first kiss or this was his favorite shirt of mine. Now, they’re just clothes.

14. You don’t have as many dreams (or nightmares) about him as you used to have. He’s slowly leaving your thoughts.

15. You aren’t going on a diet or dying your hair to make him jealous, to make him see what he’s missing. You’re doing it for yourself.

16. When you hear a love song, he’s not the first person you imagine. You’re thinking of another boy now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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