This Is Why She Is Going To Get Bored Of You

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She is going to get bored of you, because it’s tiring to be the person that cares more. Because sending you sweet texts and doing little favors is draining when she doesn’t get anything in return.

She is going to get bored of you, because the chase is fun at first. So is the flirting and the late night conversations. But eventually, she’s going to want more than that. She’s going to want something real.

Right now, she might bend over backwards for you. She might jump at the opportunity to see you. She might do anything that you ask, just to make you happy.

But she’s going to get bored of being your servant. She’s going to get bored of running around, trying to please you, when you aren’t doing anything for her. You aren’t getting off your ass to prove that you care. You’re just absorbing her love without giving out any of your own.

She’s going to get bored, because right now, she gets butterflies whenever you look her in the eyes, whenever your fingertips graze against her skin. But your looks aren’t going to hold you over forever.

Eventually, she won’t care about the shade of your hair or the stubble on your cheeks, because all she’ll see is your ugly personality. All she’ll think of when she looks at you is how you’ve disappointed her, how you aren’t what she thought you were going to be.

She’s going to get bored of waiting for texts that take too long to arrive. She’s going to get bored of getting ready for dates, only to have them canceled on her. She’s going to get bored of everything that you keep putting her through.

You might be able to string her along for a while, you might be able to trick her into staying temporarily, but it isn’t going to last. Eventually, she’s going to get bored of being hurt. She’s going to realize she deserves more.

And then you’ll be all alone. You’ll lose the best thing in your life — and she won’t come back, no matter how hard you beg.

Because once she gets bored of you, all of those butterflies will disappear. All of the reasons she once had for sticking around will leave her mind. She won’t have any idea why she liked you in the first place, why she wasted so much time on you.

It’s going to happen. She’s going to get bored of you, because there’s nothing exciting about heartbreak.

So if you want her to remain in your life, you better change the way you talk to her, look at her, value her. You need to show her that you’re willing to put in as much effort as she does. That you’ll make up for all of the dumb things you did in the past. That you’ll treat her better in the future.

Otherwise, she’s going to get bored of you, because you aren’t giving her a good enough reason to stick around. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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