The Girls With The Deepest Thoughts Are Always Awake After Midnight

God and Man

She’s always awake after midnight, even if she has no reason to stay up, because she has deep thoughts that keep her awake.

She thinks about her past — all of the mistakes that she has made and all of the people that she used to love that have left her. And she thinks about her future — whether she’s ever going to discover her dream job or marry the boy that has recently entered her life.

Midnight is when her mind wanders the most. When she has time to think about the world and her place inside of it.

She doesn’t like the stress that comes with thinking about tomorrow, but she does it anyway.

She wonders what she is going to wear. Who she is going to run into. How many hours of sleep she is going to get.

But even if she has to get up early the next morning, she’s always wide awake after midnight, because her days are hectic. They’re filled with work and long to-do lists.

The night is the only time when she can take a break. When she can relax after hours of answering emails and writing papers. When she can finally sit in silence and let her thoughts run wild — not that she actually welcomes those thoughts.

No, she tries to hide from them. Tries to shove them away. She would rather be distracted by stupid jokes on the internet than deal with her problems.

That’s why she sits in bed, scrolling through Twitter and Tumblr and texts. Because she doesn’t want to give herself a moment to be bored. Because when her phone light turns off and she’s left in darkness, a million different things run through her mind.

What is she going to do with her degree? When is she going to have enough money to move? Is she ever going to find love? What if she sees that boy she’s interested in tomorrow? What would she say?

She’s always awake after midnight, because she’s creative. She can imagine a million different scenarios about the next day, week, month of her life. She pictures every potential scenario. She likes to live it in her mind before living it in reality.

She always has conversations inside of her head. She tries to predict what other people are going to say and do. To guess what’s in store for her.

Even if there’s a slim chance that something is going to happen, she still imagines it. She can’t help herself. She can’t switch off her thoughts.

And she hates it. She hates that she’s always awake after midnight. That she stays up worrying. That she never gets enough sleep and ends up with baggy eyes in the morning.

But that only happens, because she’s intelligent. Because she’s a thinker. A planner.

Because she has a mind that never wants to stop working. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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