Stop Leading Her On, Because She Deserves To Move On

Unsplash / Seth Doyle

She hasn’t gotten over you, because you keep popping back into her life. She needs you to be out of sight so you can stay out of her mind. But you keep texting her, calling her, running into her. You keep making her think about you during the worst times — when she’s almost over you.

And then she’s right back at square one.

All she has to do is hear your voice, smell your cologne, see your name on her phone screen and then it’s all over. She wants you again. This time more than ever.

It’s hard for her to get over you, because you won’t leave her alone. She hasn’t received any of the closure that she needs, because she’s never sure whether things are officially over with you or if you’re only temporarily gone.

You keep leading her on, making her believe that you two could have a future together. You keep getting her hopes up and then letting them come crashing down again and again.

She’s never going to get over you if you keep dragging her back into your life. If you keep calling her when you need her and ignoring her when she needs you.

If you aren’t ready for a serious relationship, let her go. If you don’t like her as much as she likes you, let her go. If you care about her at all, let her go.

She’s tired of comparing every man she meets to you. Of wasting her nights dreaming about you. Of wondering whether she should keep her weekends free, just in case you ask to hang out at the last second.

She hasn’t gotten over you, because you aren’t letting her get over you. You like the attention that she gives you. You don’t want it to go away. You don’t want her to find a boyfriend — even though you don’t want to be her boyfriend, either.

But that’s not fair to her. You can’t have her all to yourself when you’re only willing to give her tiny pieces of yourself. You can’t encourage this one-sided love.

If you like her at all, if you have any respect for her, then you have to let her go. Stop popping back up in her life. Stop making her think that she has a chance.

Either agree to date her, to finally love her the way that she deserves — or accept that it’s time to say goodbye. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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