50 Things Overthinkers Stress About More Than Anyone Else

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1. If their friends actually like them and want them around.

2. How long they should make eye contact with someone during a conversation.

3. How many likes their social media posts are going to get.

4. What they should write in a text message.

5. How many hours of sleep they’re going to get.

6. Whether or not they remembered to lock the doors.

7. How much money is left in their bank account.

8. If people are laughing at them behind their back.

9. What they’re going to be doing ten years from now.

10. If someone secretly hates them.

11. Which punctuation mark is the correct one to use.

12. Where they should sit on a crowded bus or inside a cafeteria.

13. Whether they need to see a doctor of if they’re perfectly fine.

14. If they’re going to be late for an appointment.

15. If their car is going to run out of gas while they’re driving.

16. What they should say during an unexpected phone call.

17. Whether they remembered to turn off the oven or left it on.

18. If they’re going to hear spoilers about their favorite shows.

19. Whether their partner is happy with them or wants to break up.

20. If they’re pregnant.

21. What kind of chitchat they should make with hair dressers and dentists.

22. If they’re going to get lost while driving someplace new.

23. If they’re pronouncing someone’s name correctly.

24. If they have something stuck in their teeth.

25. What the appropriate thing to wear is for a meeting or party.

26. If they’re going to get stopped by a cop.

27. If they’re going to catch a cold.

28. How long they should wait before responding to a text.

29. If they’re going to get stuck in traffic.

30. If their phone is going to go off in the middle of a meeting or movie.

31. How much of a tip they should give their hairdresser or taxi driver.

32. Whether they remembered to blow out the candles before leaving the house.

33. What they should say during an interview.

34. If they’re going to make a mistake and get fired.

35. How early (or late) they should show up to an event.

36. If their hair is a mess.

37. If their loved ones are going to die tragically and unexpectedly.

38. How casual (or professional) they should be when writing an email.

39. Whether they’re going to take their medication on time.

40. If they’re going to get a bad grade.

41. If their breath or their underarms smell bad.

42. If they’re going to get sunburnt after a day outside.

43. If they’re gaining weight.

44. If they should save certain items or throw them in the trash.

45. Where they should park.

46. Which show or movie they should choose to watch.

47. Whether they should go out with their friends or stay inside.

48. Whether or not they’re too tired to drive.

49. Whether they’re going to make a complete fool of themselves in public.

50. If they’re doing something meaningful with their lives. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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