15 Signs He Doesn’t See A Future With You

Unsplash / Matheus Ferrero

1. He avoids commitments. He doesn’t want to own a dog with you. Doesn’t want to move in with you. Doesn’t even want to agree to go to a concert with you three months from now — because he’s not sure if you’ll still be together by then.

2. He only talks in hypotheticals. If you ever try to talk about the future with him, he makes a joke out of it. He says how you’ll live in a castle with a pet dragon, how you’ll have fifteen kids. He won’t take your questions about the future seriously.

3. He avoids meeting your family. He might have run into your parents during a late night visit to your house, but he’s never spent an entire evening with them. He has no interest in meeting them for dinner or inviting you over to his house for dinner.

4. He refuses to commit. He either doesn’t believe in labels or flat out refuses to give you one. You’ve never heard him refer to you as his girlfriend. Honestly, you don’t know what the hell you two are.

5. He still talks like he’s single. He never uses the word us. He still thinks of himself as an individual. Not as part of a team. Not as part of a couple.

6. He never stays the night. He has no problem sleeping with you, but if you ask him to stay the night, he makes up an excuse and leaves. As soon as he gets what he wants, he’s out of there.

7. He keeps his status set to single. If someone looked at his social media, they’d have no idea that he was involved with you. There’s no sign of you on Facebook or Instagram. No photos. No posts. Nothing.

8. He never invites you out with his friends. When you ask him to come over Friday night and he already has plans, he never asks you to join in on them. He just tells you he’s busy and then ignores you for the rest of the night.

9. He refuses to talk about the future. You’ve never had a serious conversation about marriage or children. You never even plan dates in advance. He always lets you know if he’s free at the last second.

10. He rarely takes you out in public. Whenever you hang out, it’s in the privacy of someone’s bedroom. He prefers to hide you away, so no one knows he’s attached.

11. He never touches you in public. If he actually takes you out for dinner one night, he won’t hold your hand or kiss you from across the table. He’ll keep his distance from you.

12. He won’t introduce you to anyone. If you run into someone that he knows, he introduces you as a friend. Or he doesn’t bother to introduce you at all.

13. He doesn’t spend your birthday with you. Or Valentine’s Day. Or Thanksgiving. You’re never invited over during the holidays that couples typically spend together.

14. He avoids having serious conversations. He’s never told you the story of how his grandmother died or what he plans on doing with his career. You only talk about light things. Unimportant things.

15He doesn’t get too involved. He doesn’t want to get to know your coworkers or learn your favorite flowers — because it won’t matter in the long run. He’s not planning on staying with you, so why should he put in all that effort? Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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