This Is Why You Should Take A Chance On The Quiet Girl

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She isn’t the type to blurt out how she’s feeling or to jump into conversations with strangers. She hesitates to speak before she’s spoken to, even though a million thoughts run through her mind every minute. She’s always thinking. Always observing.

Quiet girls have the loudest minds. The widest hearts.

She doesn’t let many people into her life, so when she finds someone worth taking a chance on, she puts all her energy into making them happy. She knows how rare it is to find another soul she connects to, and doesn’t want to let them slip away.

She’s selective about who gets a place in her life, which is why she feels so lonely.

She has so much to say, but she remains silent in front of people that won’t understand her — which is the majority. She convinces herself that those people don’t care about her opinion. That it’s easier to get through the day with nods and smiles than to actually interact.

So if a quiet girl actually speaks to you, a complete stranger, then you know she thought her words through. That she meant every syllable. That her message is important and you should listen closely.

It’s rare for her to feel comfortable around people, for her to let her guard down and hold a meaningful conversation — so if she’s talking to you, it means you’re special. It means she really likes you. It means you’re different than everyone else.

And once you get to know her, once you get past that first conversation and become her friend, she’ll never shut up. She’s loud as a firecracker once you get to know her.

She’ll tell you everything. About her family. About her pets. About the shows that she’s been binge-watching. No topic will be off limits once she decides that she can trust you.

Just don’t betray that trust. Don’t cheat on her. Don’t talk about her behind her back. Don’t poke fun of her for being quiet around your parents.

She hates confrontation, but don’t be mistaken — you can’t walk over her.

When she’s upset, she might get quiet again, retreat to her room and refuse to answer your texts. But that doesn’t mean she’s letting you win. She’s just thinking things over. Weighing her options. Deciding if she should keep you in her life or walk away.

She isn’t scared of being single again. She’s used to being a loner. She knows she can handle life without you. The question is: Can you handle life without her?

Be careful, because if you break the quiet girl’s heart, you’ll never hear a word from her again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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