This Is Why You Should Date The Girl With An Old Soul

Unsplash / Robert Bassett

She’s the type to kiss you on your forehead and cheeks and shoulders. To share her blanket with you and push her feet under your body to keep warm. To fall asleep with her head on your lap in the middle of a movie.

But she’s not boring. She can be spontaneous, adventurous. Some nights, she’ll want to go out and drink. She’ll want to meet new people and sneak kisses in public.

But, most nights, she would rather sit on the couch and read or watch a documentary that you can have an intelligent conversation about after it ends. She would rather have a meaningful moment one-on-one than be surrounded by strangers she doesn’t give a damn about.

You see, she isn’t the type of girl that has a million friends that she’ll drag you to meet. She has three or four really close friends, permanent friends, friends that she’s known for years and will be standing to the side of you on your wedding day.

She values quality over quantity. That’s why she isn’t interested in material things. She doesn’t care if she has the latest iPhone or if all of her clothing is designer. She would rather lose track of her phone than her notebook. She would rather keep her photographs in a scrapbook than on social media.

Your parents are going to love the girl with an old soul, because she isn’t the wild type. She’s mature. Refined. And, honestly, she’s more comfortable around ‘adults’ than people her own age. She finds it easier to talk to them — it’s always been that way, ever since she was a little kid.

She’s the girl that’s wise beyond her years. The girl that everyone goes to for advice. She’s always calming down friends that call her in tears and convincing them that they have worth, that they need to start seeing themselves in a new light. She always has inspirational words on the tip of her tongue.

Of course, she has problems of her own to deal with, but she doesn’t complain about them. She finds a way to solve them and then she does so. She takes care of herself.

She’s independent, and she’s been that way since she was young. She didn’t need her parents to help her with her homework or her chores. And now, she doesn’t need a man to help her pay her bills or cook her meals.

She is self-sufficient. She is strong. She is someone that knows exactly what she wants out of this world and isn’t going to settle for less than she deserves.

You should date the girl with an old soul, because she’s ready to settle down. She doesn’t want to play games. She doesn’t want to deal with small talk. She doesn’t want to waste years on someone that’s going to walk away.

She wants something real. She’s ready for grocery shopping dates and his and her towels and board game nights with other couples.

She’s ready to commit to something that could last a lifetime. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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