This Is Why She Sucks At Expressing Her Feelings

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She sucks at expressing her feelings, but that doesn’t mean she’s heartless — she just looks like she is.

When she’s upset, she doesn’t spill her feelings unless someone asks her how she’s doing. And most of the time, even if someone does ask her what’s wrong, she won’t say a word. She’ll act like she’s just tired or out of it. 

She’s the type of girl that claims she’s fine even though she’s dying inside.

There are men that get mad at her about it — because they think she’s trying to play mind games and make them guess what’s wrong — but that’s not what she’s doing at all.

She’s not hoping that he’ll read her mind, that he’ll magically figure out what’s wrong. She’s hoping that he has no idea she’s even upset, because she feels like she’s upset over something stupid. Over something that makes her look childish or clingy or weak.

Honestly, she hates that she has emotions. She hates that she feels so hard, but fumbles over how to explain those feelings.

Of course, there are exceptions. Sometimes, she does want you to know what’s bothering her so that you can help her find a solution. But even when her heart is begging her to have a deep conversation, her brain has a meltdown. It doesn’t know what to do. What do say.

That’s why she’ll occasionally tell you what’s wrong after the tenth time you ask. She wasn’t purposely making you wait. She wasn’t trying to torture you. To drive you insane.

She was spending all of that time building up the courage to speak. Each time she lied to you, each time she told you she was fine or that she didn’t want to talk about it, she felt guilty. She always wanted to let you in. It’s just hard for her.

But hard doesn’t mean impossible. When she finally finds the right person, she’ll feel comfortable expressing every emotion — whether she’s happy or sad, excited or enraged.

That won’t happen automatically, of course. But over time, after realizing how trustworthy and reliable he is, she’ll learn to talk to him. She’ll show him a side no one else has ever seen, her vulnerable side.

And that guy won’t take her words for granted. He’ll realize how hard it is for her to open her mouth, to look him in the eyes, to cry in front of him. He’ll realize that she doesn’t do this for just anyone, and that he holds a special place in her heart.

That’s why he won’t criticize her for admitting that she’s mad at him. He’ll never try to diminish how she feels. Even if he doesn’t agree with what she says, he’ll try to understand where she’s coming from.

Because he loves her. Because he doesn’t want her to retreat back inside of her shell. Because he wants her to feel like she can tell him anything.

He won’t want to hurt her, because he knows that if you can get the girl that sucks with feelings to let out those feelings, you must be her forever person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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