This Is What She Thinks When You Are ‘Just Texting’

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She has no idea where you stand with her. Are you only friends? Are you planning on asking her out? Are you trying to sleep with her — or slowly drive her insane?

She doesn’t know what to think, because you’ve been putting in effort. But not enough effort.

You wouldn’t be messaging her all day, from sunrise until sunset, unless she meant something to you. You wouldn’t be spilling your secrets. Giving her details about your everyday. Asking about her pets and her parents.

But if you really cared about her, wouldn’t you have made plans to hang out with her in person? Asked her on an official date? Or at least called to hear her voice?

She feels like she’s on the edge of a relationship with you, like a change is going to occur any second now, but it never does. Things always stay the same. You keep texting. She keeps answering. And there’s never any real, concrete progress.

As much as she loves getting to know you, there’s only so much she can learn through a phone screen. She knows your sense of humor, but she doesn’t know how your eyes crinkle when you laugh. She knows your favorite songs, but she doesn’t know how loud you sing when you hear it on the radio.

She still feels flutters when your name pops up on her screen, but she’s sick of seeing letters instead of eyes. She needs to speak to you in person. To look at your smile instead of just imagining it — or glimpsing it through a picture or a short video on Snapchat.

She needs to hear the sound of your laugh. Smell the scent of your cologne. Feel your hand curled around her waist.

Flirting isn’t enough. You can keep telling her how much you like her, how badly you want to see her, but those words mean nothing unless you act on them. Unless you prove that you want her in your life — your actual life, not your virtual one.

Because, for all she knows, you could be texting her and ten other girls at the same time. Or even worse, you might have a girlfriend that you failed to mention. You might have a life that’s completely different than the one that you told her about.

She’s opened up to you as much as you’ve let her. But how can she really let you in if she has to keep typing her words instead of whispering them into your ear? How can she start a serious relationship with you when she doesn’t even know if that’s what you want?

She needs more than another good morning message. She needs answers. She needs you to tell her what you’re thinking, what you want out of her.

Because she knows what she wants from you. She wants you to be her boyfriend, finally, officially.

She loves waking up to your texts, but she would rather wake up to your kisses. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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