He’s Not Your Forever Person Unless He Shows His Love In These 11 Ways

Grace Chung
Grace Chung

1. With his body language. He should hold your hand as you walk through the mall. He should look you in the eyes as you speak. He should sit close to you and rest his hand on your thigh and give you forehead kisses as you fall asleep.

2. With his words. He shouldn’t expect you to read his mind. He should tell you that he loves you or that he misses you on a daily basis. He should never let a day go by without reminding you of how much you mean to him.

3. With texts. He should send you good morning and good night messages. And when he gets stuck at work, he should let you know that he’s going to be home late. He should always keep you in the loop.

4. With his body. He should cuddle with you at night. Kiss your lips in the morning. And during sex, he should touch you in all the right places until you explode with pleasure.

5. With gifts. When your birthday rolls around, he should hand you something heartfelt — even if all he could afford was a card with a sweet note scribbled inside. It’s always the thought that counts.

6. With invitations. When his friends throw a party, he should invite you along. And when his parents want to meet up with him for dinner, he should ask you if you’re free to join, because he already considers you part of the family.

7. With work. It doesn’t matter how many numbers are on his paycheck. What matters is that he’s working hard to create a better life for the two of you — and that you’re doing the same — because you plan on spending the rest of your days together.

8. With his loyalty. He should never cheat. Never lie. Never evade questions. Never manipulate into doing something that will benefit him and damage you.

9. With chores. He should put in as much effort around the house as you do. He should help with the dishes. Help with the laundry. Help with the lawn. Maybe even cook you dinner on occasion.

10. With his attention. He should put in effort to show you that he cares. He should plan dates. Listen when you speak. Follow through on promises. He should be eager to give you everything that you deserve.

11. With his time. He shouldn’t claim that he’s too busy to see you. He should set aside at least a little time to talk to you each day. He should be excited to be around you as much as possible — even if that means he has to rearrange his schedule to do so. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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