He’s Not Your Forever Person If You Keep Asking Yourself These 10 Questions


1. “Does he actually care?”

Your forever person will put in constant effort. He’ll make sure you know that he cares about you. He’ll make sure you feel loved. He’ll make sure to treat you the way you deserve, so that you never question his feelings for you.

2. “Is he cheating on me?”

If you have a million reasons to believe that he’s being unfaithful — or he actually admits that he cheated — then dump him. Why would you want to stay with someone that disrespects you? There are plenty of people that would never do that. Your forever person would never do that.

3. “Am I actually happy?”

If you’re not sure whether you’re with the right person, if you’ve been having serious doubts, then maybe you should listen to them. Take a few days to really think: Are you honestly happy or are you only pretending? You should never stay with someone that makes you miserable, no matter how well they treat you or how much history you have.

4. “Does he want to spend forever with me?”

You shouldn’t have to wonder what the future holds. If you two are serious, then you should be able to sit down and have a conversation about marriage and apartments and kids. If you can’t talk to him about the future, then you don’t have a future.

5. “Why the hell does he love me?”

Telling you he loves you — even showing you — isn’t enough. He needs to let you know why he feels the way that he feels. And if he’s your forever person, he will. He’ll remind you of why you’re such an amazing woman. He’ll list out all the things he loves about you.

6. “Why did he hurt me?”

If your forever person hurts you, he’s going to sit you down and explain why he did what he did. And then he’s going to apologize. If he doesn’t seem to care that you’re crying, then he’s definitely not meant for you.

7. “I love him — but do I like him?”

Do you think his quirks are more adorable than annoying? Do you feel like the luckiest girl in the world? Can you honestly say that he’s your best friend? If the answer to every question is no, then you belong with someone new.

8. “Why did he leave?”

Your forever person would never leave you. If there’s a problem, he’ll work with you to find a way to solve it. He won’t abandon you the second things get rough. He’ll stand by you, no matter what.

9. “Does he want another woman instead?” 

If he’s comparing you to other women — whether it’s his ex or some celebrity on his favorite show — then you don’t need him in your life. You shouldn’t feel like you’re in a competition for his love. He should be giving it to you and only you.

10. “What is he feeling?”

He shouldn’t leave you guessing. It doesn’t matter if he’s upset with you or upset with something that happened at work. Either way, he should never hide his emotions from you. He should skip the games and tell you exactly how he feels on any given day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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