15 Times When You’ll Miss Him So Much It Hurts

Unsplash / Comete El Coco

1. When it’s two in the morning, and for some reason, you can’t fall asleep. For some reason, he’s the only thing on your mind. And all you can think about is how much easier it would be to drift off if he were in bed beside you.

2. When you get wasted and start thinking that texting him might be a good idea. That maybe you should tell him you miss him or ask him to get back together or curse him out.

3. When you hear your phone chime, and for a split second you think that it’s him. That everything is back to normal. And then you remember he’s in your past and are forced back into your miserable reality.

4. When you’re out with friends, but you’re the only one that’s still hung up on an ex, the only one that doesn’t have a story about a recent hookup or an anniversary or a proposal.

5. When you buy new dress that you know he would love, but will probably never get to see, so you wear it whenever you leave the house and hope that you’ll accidentally run into him.

6. When everyone in your life is too busy to see you and you have nothing to do except sit on your couch, drink wine, and think about everything that went wrong.

7. When you’re out with friends and somehow end up as the third wheel yet again.

8. When your song comes on. Or when his favorite song comes on. Or really, when you hear any song with lyrics that describe how you’re currently feeling about him or how you felt about him once upon a time.

9. When you see something that reminds you of an inside joke you two shared — and then you reach for your phone before remembering that it’s inappropriate to text him now. That you can’t share the humor with him.

10. When you see an Instagram photo of him in a shirt he always wore — and you remember the last time he wore that shirt, what you two were doing, how happy you were.

11. When you see an Instagram photo of him where he’s wearing a new shirt you’ve never seen before — and you remember that things are changing. That he’s moving on without you.

12. When you’re horny and are trying to think of something to fantasize about, aside from him.

13. When you’re watching a movie and the main couple reminds you of your past — or what you could have had in the future. When you get irrationally jealous of a couple that doesn’t even exist.

14. When you post the most gorgeous selfie and pray that he sees it. That he’ll screenshot it and save it for later.

15. When you kiss someone else and it just doesn’t taste the same. It doesn’t feel the same. You don’t know if it ever will. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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