15 Signs That He Doesn’t Have Any Respect For You At All

Unsplash / Allef Vinicius

1. When you tell him not to touch you, he touches you. When you tell him you aren’t in the mood for sex, he pushes you to change your mind. He never listens to what you say.

2. He makes little comments that lower your self-esteem. When you wear a short dress, he makes you feel like a slut. When you gain a little weight, he makes you feel ugly. When you drink too much, he makes you feel like an embarrassment.

3. He talks about you behind your back. He tells all of his friends the private details about your relationship. He makes ball and chain jokes. He acts like it sucks that he’s no longer single.

4. He doesn’t respect your opinion. He tells you that your favorite bands suck. That your favorite shows are trash. That your favorite books are boring. He thinks that everything you say is stupid.

5. He doesn’t care about your personal belongings. He’ll toss your clothes around the room to find whatever he’s looking for. He’ll eat the leftovers that you were saving for yourself. He’ll go through your text messages when you aren’t looking.

6. He never listens when you speak. He’s always paying half-attention to the television or his phone. You never have his full attention.

7. His body language is rude AF. He rolls his eyes at you. Raises his eyebrows. Purses his lips. Even if he doesn’t say anything mean, his little looks make you feel worthless.

8. He ignores you in group situations. When other people are around, it’s like you are invisible. He would rather spend time with strangers than with you.

9. He bashes you on social media. Whenever you have a fight, he posts a status that everyone knows is about you. He doesn’t care how embarrassing that is for you.

10. He commonly cancels dates without a good excuse. And he waits until the last minute to tell you, which completely ruins your plans for the night.

11. He flirts with other girls. Exes. Female friends. Waitresses. He doesn’t hide his attraction to other women.

12. He always shows up late, because he has no respect for your time. He doesn’t care if he keeps you waiting.

13. He lies to you about little things. And if you catch him and call him out, he never actually apologizes. He just makes up more and more excuses.

14. In the bedroom, he pushes you out of your comfort zone. He doesn’t care if you’re uncomfortable. He only cares about getting what he wants.

15. He ignores your phone calls. ‘Forgets’ to answer your text messages. He has a habit of acting like you don’t exist, even though you give him all of your attention. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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