15 Signs He’s Not Putting In Enough Effort

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1. He only says I love you after you say it. Otherwise, he never utters those three little words. He never randomly mentions how much he cares about you.

2. He’s gotten so used to having you around that he’s stopped trying to impress you. He never compliments you anymore. Never flirts with you anymore. Never tries anymore.

3. You’re always asking him about his job, his parents, his friends. You have a genuine interest in his life. But he never even asks you how you are. The only reason he knows anything about your life is because you volunteer the information.

4. He agrees to come over to see you if it fits into his schedule. But he’s never the one that picks the place. He never surprises you with concert tickets or dinner reservations. You’re always the one planning the dates, making decisions.

5. If you ask him to go to a certain concert or movie, he complains the entire time. He ruins the night by acting like he’s doing you a huge favor by being there.

6. When you go out on dates, he never volunteers to drive. When you’re hungry, he never volunteers to cook. He wants you to take care of everything yourself.

7. He doesn’t care what he looks like in front of you, even if it’s a special occasion. It doesn’t matter if it’s your anniversary or your birthday, because he’ll keep wearing the same outfit and holey boxers he wears every other day. And you’re lucky if he showers.

8. He remembers your birthday — but he doesn’t buy you anything special for your birthday. It’s not that he doesn’t have the money. He just doesn’t have the time.

9. He refuses to spend any time with your friends and family members. He doesn’t care about forming connections with them.

10. He’s selfish during sex. The only time he goes down on you is if you ask, beg, or order him. Otherwise, you aren’t going to get off unless you touch yourself.

11. He texts back whenever you message him — but he never texts first. If you go hours without sending him something, he won’t ask you what’s going on, check to see if you’re okay. He’ll just continue living his life.

12. He never shares with you. He doesn’t share his closet space. His sweatshirts. His fries. His blankets. He likes to keep his things separate from yours.

13. He commonly ‘forgets’ to tell you things. Big things. About his mother going to the hospital. About the party his friend is throwing. About the promotion he might get. He never fills you in about his life.

14. He never treats you to ice cream or to dinner or to a movie (even though he’s far from broke and you’ve paid for his meals before). He only pays for his half of everything.

15. He shows zero interest in taking your relationship further. There’s never any mention of moving in together or exchanging house keys. There’s never any sign that you’re going to stay together in the long run. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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