12 Signs You Are His Second Choice (Instead Of His First Priority)

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1. He takes forever to text back. Even if he’s the one that started the conversation, it takes him ages to respond to you. Sometimes, you even see that he’s posted on Facebook or updated his Snapchat — and he still hasn’t texted you back. He must have seen your message. He’s just choosing not to respond to it.

2. He makes plans with you at the last second. You have to rush to shower and do your makeup if you want to see him, because he invites you over so late in the day. And if you try to make plans with him in advance, he tells you that he’s not sure if he’ll be free. He’s trying to keep his options open. He doesn’t want to make plans with you in case a better opportunity comes along.

3. He shows up late. When he tells you that he’ll meet you at 7, he really means that he’ll leave his house around 7 and see you when he sees you. He doesn’t respect your time. He does whatever he wants without taking your feelings into consideration.

4. He owns dating apps. He clearly isn’t convinced that you’re the girl for him, because Tinder is still on his phone. He might swear that he never uses it — but if that were true, he could easily delete it from his screen. It only takes two seconds. So if he still has dating apps downloaded, there’s a reason for that.

5. He doesn’t go out of his way to see you. If he runs into you, that’s great. He’ll smile and flirt and see how fast you swoon. But he won’t go out of his way to see you. That’s why he always wants you to come over to his place. So he doesn’t even have to waste gas money.

6. He only wants you for one thing. He uses you to fulfill his physical needs, but not his emotional needs. Basically, he enjoys having sex with you, but he doesn’t want to tell you any deep secrets about his life. He’s only interested in your body.

7. He cancels plans. He gets you excited about seeing him, and then he lets you down. He doesn’t tell you ahead of time, either. He waits until the last second, until you’re already dressed and ready to leave, to let you know that he can’t actually hang out.

8. His friends don’t know you exist. If no one in his life seems to recognize your name or have any idea who you are, he must not talk about you. He must not care about you. Not enough, at least.

9. He forgets important things. You’ve told him your middle name ten times, but he still forgets it. And unless Facebook reminds him that it’s your birthday, he won’t have any idea. When you speak, he never listens close enough.

10. He talks about other girls. Girls that he’s interested in sleeping with. Girls that he’s already slept with. He makes it clear that you’re not the only woman in his world.

11. He constantly makes excuses. He doesn’t want to date, because he’s still screwed up from his last relationship. He doesn’t have time to see you, because he’s too busy with work. There’s always some sort of an excuse.

12. You’re the only one putting in effort. You initiate almost every conversation, every hangout session, every hug. The only thing he ever initiates is sex. Otherwise, you’re doing all the damn work. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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