10 Ways Dating A Strong, Secure Girl Will Change Your Life

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1. You’ll have someone to lean on.

She has enough strength for the both of you. Whenever you need a pep talk, she’ll be there to remind you of your worth. To inspire you to get out of bed and get your ass to work. She’ll believe in you so much that you’ll have no choice but to believe in yourself.

2. You’ll see the world in a new way.

Strong girls are optimists. The world has screwed them over time and time again, but they still have the energy to face each day with a smile. To think positive thoughts. And, eventually, that attitude will rub off on you. You’ll start appreciating everything the world has to offer you instead of focusing on the darkness it brings.

3. You’ll learn more about the universe — and yourself.

She’s one of the smartest girls that you’ll ever meet. When you least expect it, she’ll hit you with a random fact or an important life lesson. More than that, she’ll teach you how to feel. How to accept love. How to give yourself fully to another person.

4. You’ll stay motivated.

She has high expectations, so she isn’t going to let you get lazy. When you’re with her, you have to continually put in effort — and she’ll do the same. Together, you’ll work hard to make your relationship last.

5. You’ll become comfortable with your emotions.

She’s proof that you can be strong and vulnerable at the same time. She’s someone that you’ll feel comfortable crying in front of. Someone that you’ll be able to talk to about anything without feeling judged. She’s open-minded, which means she’ll listen to anything you have to say and then hug you until you’re okay again.

6. You’ll have the best sex of your life.

She’s confident, comfortable with her body. That means she knows what she wants and is eager to give you what you want. When you’re with her, you’re going to have the most passionate, wild sex of your life, because she knows the right way to touch someone.

7. You’ll realize your worth.

She can make her own money. Pay her own rent. Take care of herself. That means you won’t feel needed — but you will feel wanted. You’ll never have to question whether you mean something to her, because if she didn’t want you around, she’d walk away. If you’re still in her life, that means she loves you like crazy.

8. You’ll try things for the first time.

She’s going to bring out a side of yourself that you’ve never seen before. A side that’s spontaneous, adventurous. On your dates, you’ll end up singing karaoke on stage, going skydiving, or seeing the world. When you’re with her, nothing will be off limits. You’ll do things you never thought were possible.

9. You’ll learn to love yourself.

She’s never going to let you feel neglected. She’ll text you as soon as she wakes up and right before she goes to bed. She’ll talk to you about everything that pops into her head. She’ll kiss your lips, your neck, your shoulders. She’ll remind you of your beauty, your value. When you’re around her, you’ll feel like you matter.

10. You’ll learn to love life.

She’s going to make you excited to get up each morning. With her, life will feel worthwhile. You’ll enjoy your present — and you’ll be eager to start your future, because you know how beautiful she’d look in a lacy white dress. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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