10 Stupid Things Boys Do When They Aren’t Serious About You

Unsplash / Gabriela Gioia

1. He takes hours, maybe even days, to answer your texts. But if he messages you first and you wait a little too long to reply, he acts like you personally offended him. Like you shouldn’t jumped at the chance to have a conversation with him and are a horrible person for making him wait.

2Whenever you mention a conversation that you had with another boy or post a picture with another boy, he jumps into jealous mode. Meanwhile, he’s friends with dozens of girls and has been flirting with every single one of them.

3. He complains about all of the girls in the past that have fucked him over and acts like he’s above them. And then he eventually ends up fucking you over in the same exact way.

4. When he sees you in person, he flirts with you nonstop and tells you how much fun you are to be around. But when you’re out of sight, it’s like you’re out of mind. He rarely contacts you first.

5. He’s always busy when you try to plan dates with him. But if he’s lonely one night and invites you over, he assumes that you’re going to be free and that you’ll come over within the hour.

6. He acts like he’s falling for you, drops off of the face of the planet for a few weeks, and then comes back and acts like nothing has changed. Like he hasn’t disappeared for sixty days.

7. He keeps telling you how much he misses you, how he can’t wait to see you again. But he makes zero plans with you to fix the problem.

8. He pays for your half of the meal. He’s met your parents and your best friends. He pretty much acts like your boyfriend, but he also makes it perfectly clear that he’s not your boyfriend.

9. If you get into a conversation about how you miss each other and never hang out, he ends up blaming you for not visiting him enough. But really, you’re the one that’s always trying to make plans. You’re the one putting in all of the effort. He’s the one that hasn’t been doing enough.

10. He tells you that he’s not ready for a relationship — but as soon as you find someone new and officially move on, he admits that he always liked you and that he’s upset that he missed his chance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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