She’s Not Stupid

God and Man
God and Man

Here’s a secret about the girl who texts you every morning. The girl who keeps trying to set a time to hang out with you. The girl who likes all your Instagram photos and messages you on Snapchat, even though you’ve already hurt her countless times.

That girl isn’t oblivious. She’s not gullible. She’s not a pushover. And she’s certainly not stupid.

She doesn’t believe your excuses. She’ll play along when you tell her that your phone battery died, because she doesn’t want to call you out on such an obvious lie, but you’re not pulling one over on her. You’re not as smart as you think you are.

She sees right through you. She knows what you’re doing. But she keeps sticking around — not because she’s desperate or hopelessly devoted to you — but because she wants to give you a chance.

She realizes that the odds are you’re going to be another boy in the long line that hurt her. But what if you’re not? What if you’re different? What if you’re the one? 

She’s giving you the opportunity to be something else. To be a boy that’s actually worth her time and effort.

So don’t think you can take advantage of her. Don’t think that getting away with ignoring her messages once or twice means that you can do anything to her and she’ll stay by your side.

You don’t realize it, but she’s on the verge of walking away. Of giving up on you. But, lucky for you, she has a huge heart. She believes in second chances. So don’t waste yours.

Show her that you’re not the kind of boy that’s going to string her along for weeks — to flirt with her and fuck her — and then disappear. That you’re not the kind of boy that’s going to change your mind, again and again and again, because you have no idea what you want and are only experimenting with her.

Because, if you do that, she’ll realize what’s happening. She’s not stupid. She’s a sweetheart. But if you take advantage of that, she can be a real bitch.

If you keep treating her like trash, then she’s going to walk away without taking a glance back. She’ll delete your number from her phone. Unfriend you on social media. Refuse to mention your name in conversation. You’ll be nothing to her. Not even a speck in the back of her mind. 

She won’t regret leaving you — not for a single second — because she gave you enough chances. She gave you enough of her time.

And when you realize your mistake, when you call her up at two in the morning with tequila swishing through your stomach, she’ll be long gone. She won’t even think about answering the phone, because she won’t know that the number belongs to you.

Even if she did know, she wouldn’t answer. She’d let it go to voicemail and then delete the message before hearing a minute of your voice.

Because she’s not stupid. She’s not going to pine over you for months. She’s going to move her ass on and find someone she deserves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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