She Overthinks These 12 Things Because She Really Likes You

God & Man
God & Man

1. Why you’re taking so long to text back. Are you purposely waiting to make her suffer? Are you busy? Or did you read her text and decide it wasn’t important enough to answer?

2. How long until she should text back. She doesn’t want to look clingy by texting back two seconds after she receives your message. But she hates games and doesn’t want to play hard to get by waiting an hour to text you back, either.

3. What she looks like. Is her lipstick smudged? Is there food on her chin? Is her cleavage on point? She wants to look her best in front of you.

4. What you post online. Did you upload those song lyrics to send her a hidden message? Why did you comment on that girl’s half-naked picture? She pays way too much attention to your social media and examines every move you make.

5. What your official label is. Do you consider her your girlfriend? Are you two in an almost relationship? Or is she just a booty call? She’s too nervous to ask you about your status, so she spends her nights trying to figure out the answer on her own.

6. What she should wear. She doesn’t want to look like she’s trying too hard to impress you. But she doesn’t want to look like she’s too lazy to do her hair and makeup, either. She’s trying to strike the perfect balance, but she’s not quite sure what that entails.

7. What a tiny little look means. If anybody else looked at her, she wouldn’t think anything of it. But you’re not anybody. You’re important. Which is why she’s going to sit there for an hour wondering if you accidentally locked eyes or if you were checking her out.

8. What she should text back. Are you comfortable enough with her yet for her to playfully insult you? For her to use chatspeak and send stupid GIFs? For her to make sexual comments? She has no idea.

9. Where you two should hang out. If you go to the movie theater, then you won’t be able to talk at all. But if she invites you over to watch a movie in her bedroom, you might think it’s a booty call and try to skip straight to sex. She wants the night to be perfect and doesn’t want to pick the wrong place.

10. What your words secretly mean. She doesn’t want to interpret your texts wrong. She doesn’t want to assume that you feel the same way that she does and end up looking like a complete idiot. So she reads too much into every single word you say.  

11. Who all those other women are. If she sees you talking to another girl — or even worse, if she sees that you posted a picture with another girl — then she’s going to cyberstalk you until she figures out who that mystery girl is. She’s worried it’s someone you like more than her.

12. If she should make a move yet. Will you cringe if she leans in for that first kiss? Or are you shy and wishing she would go for it? She doesn’t want to move too fast — but she doesn’t want to miss out on a golden opportunity either. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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