25 People On The Eerie Experience That No One Believes They’re Telling The Truth About

Some stories are too terrifying to believe. But these people from Ask Reddit swear they’re telling the truth.

Unsplash / Jan Senderek
Unsplash / Jan Senderek

1. My psychic friend saw a dead man with red eyes

“Friend is jogging on the same route she takes every day, around a large and rather deep pond. This particular morning as she gets on the trail and approaches the pond, she has a stray thought, ‘This place has been famous for suicides.’

Less than a minute later, on the side of the trail she sees a man’s dress jacket. A bit later, a tie. She’s getting worried. Further ahead, there’s the pond, and … a dead body is floating face down near the shore.

She turns around and sprints back to the main road, chanting a Buddhist sutra out loud. She calls the police and then needs to wait to give a statement, and when that’s done, she heads home, feeling quite upset. Here the day gets stranger still. I should say that my friend is very sensitive, perhaps slightly psychic.

She lives in an apartment building with two units that share a common front door and area for removing shoes and such. As she comes in, she notices an unfamiliar pair of men’s shoes there, quite wet. Weird. But probably the neighbor’s …

She goes up to her apartment and after a short while hears a knock on her door. She opens it… and a man is standing at her door, in work clothes without jacket and tie, soaking wet, and smiling at her with red eyes. She screams and slams the door.

She is 100% sincere about this, and despite the sensitivity mentioned, is a very clear and rational person.” — ClayBoots

2. I worked at a haunted museum where hangings used to occur

“When I worked at a museum, we were told we couldn’t tell guests that the museum or the historic house were haunted even though everybody who worked there had at least one ghost experience.

Mine happened in the middle of the day on a slow Saturday. I had a guest tell me that our costumed interpreter was crying. We had nobody in costume today so I am confused. Head upstairs and can hear the sobbing, as I round the corner of the first half of the stairs I can see a woman with blonde hair wearing a blue civil war style dress. Maybe she got in through a side door I thought and since I live in a big Civil War area, her clothes aren’t surprising. As I keep up the steps, another guest asks me a question about a portrait that is on the landing of this two section spiral staircase. By the time I turned around, my crying lady was gone.

Found out later that while the building had always functioned as a Court House before it turned into a museum, it also use to house a jail and the area for local hangings was visible from the window the crying woman was looking toward.” — NatureEidolon

3. We heard a growling coming from the closet

“I have to turn on my lights so I can type this.

In December 2011 I moved into a small two bedroom apartment with my boyfriend. I was seven months pregnant. The apartment was one of five in what use to be a general store over a century ago.

A few weeks before my daughter was born, my child’s father and I were up late at night and talking in bed. As we talked, a horrible feeling crept over me. The air was growing… heavy? It felt like something dangerous was inside the apartment, just outside our bedroom door. Mid-sentence, my child’s father asked, “Do you feel like something horrible is about to happen?” He was feeling it as well. He grabbed his gun and we walked around the apartment, barricaded our front door, and we fell asleep on the living room floor.

Nothing happened again for a long while. At one point I noticed a man standing in the doorway to my daughter’s nursery while I was watching tv, but he disappeared as soon as we made eye contact. It wasn’t very scary. At another point, I opened the door to my daughter’s nursery to grab a diaper one night (our kid ended up sleeping in our room a lot), and felt like there was something in there that I couldn’t see. And a few different times, all of my daughter’s electronic toys in her nursery would activate and make noise at the same time when no one was in there. I remember her rocking horse start to move one day while I sitting on the couch.

A month after my daughter’s first birthday, my cat Kevin passed. I’d still feel him come and curl up on my feet at night. It was relieving, knowing that he’d still come visit me. I loved him so much.

Then the growling started.

The closet in our bedroom always made me uncomfortable, like something was looking at me from inside. It was at night, and the familiar weight of Kevin had just settled down on my feet. I put down the book I was reading and turned off the lamp.

About a minute later, a dog-like growl came from the direction of the closet. It lasted for a few seconds. I turned back on the light, and saw nothing. I woke up my child’s father, but he was annoyed.

The next afternoon, he went into the bedroom to get headphones. He returned to the living room, sat down, and told me that he had just opened the door to our room when something growled at him. From that point on, I heard the growling at least three times.

One time my daughter was standing on the bed while I was getting changed. She pointed to the open closet and said, “Purple face man.” I thought she was talking about Barney (her favorite show at the time) and brushed it off for a while.

At one point, I remember seeing the shadow of a large dog with a fluffy tail walk into the bedroom while I was down the hallway.

There were a handful of times that both my child’s father and I would separately experience something pushing us out of the bedroom if we were trying to enter it. It was a disgusting feeling, because it didn’t feel like it was pushing against are skin, but our veins. It would always make my stomach feel prickly and put the taste of blood in my mouth while giving me goosebumps.

One night, I was awakened to the growling. It was louder than it had ever been before. I stared out from under the covers (I pulled them over me and my child’s head in fear) and could see some sort of movement, but I stopped peaking the louder it got. It was accompanied by a cat’s growling, hissing, and caterwauling. There was a final wail from the cat, and then a moment of silence. The silence was broken by a wet, gross sound, like a dog chewing and gnawing on a bone. Something shifted on top of the covers near my feet, and then it was over. I laid there under the blankets, silently crying in terror until morning. I peed myself; too afraid to emerge from the covers. Kevin never came to visit me again. I think that his spirit was eaten by whatever else was in that room that night. The paranormal activity in the apartment went up tenfold for the three weeks we remained there afterwards. Doors slammed and the chairs would roll across the carpeted floor. One picture of my daughter would keep falling off the wall. Once I entered the room and the picture was on the other side from where it had hung; now sitting perfectly posed on the couch.

We eventually moved into our new home, but there was a period of a week where we didn’t have any internet there. My child’s father would return to the apartment to use his computer for his data entry job. On his last night there, he was sitting at his desk in the living room when he heard something loud sliding on the floor in our old bedroom. Then there was a loud bang that shook the wall. All of the power in the apartment went out immediately, followed by the unmistakable sound of an animal growling. He had to walk in complete darkness past the bedroom to get to the circuit breaker just outside our front door while the growling came from the open-doored bedroom. On the last day of our lease, I went over by myself to do a bit of cleaning. I invited our downstairs neighbor inside to talk. While we stood in my daughter’s nursery, I asked her if her apartment was haunted. She had a story about a man screaming at her and her boyfriend to wake up. Then she told me, “But I bet your apartment is a lot more haunted than mine. That guy killed himself in the closet in the other bedroom.” As she spoke, the computer chair sitting behind her in the living room swiveled to face us. I pointed it out to her, and she said that the same thing happened in her apartment too (the moving furniture).

After she left, my child’s father brought our child over. We let her (almost two at the time) run around while we talk about how we’re going to take the crib apart. Suddenly we hear our daughter scream. She ran out of her nursery. I picked her up, and we asked her what was wrong. She responded, “Shadow man.” Her father and I exchanged a look, then left.

Later that night, we come back to pick up the last few things left in that apartment. We didn’t want to take our daughter back inside, so one of us would stay with her in the car while the other ran to grab a box. He made the last trip. While he was leaving, the bedroom and bathroom doors were being slammed repeatedly. The lights were turning on and off. He heard the sound of footsteps running behind him as he walked down the hallway and out the door. As he turned to lock up, the front door slammed shut in his face. The lock clicked. We don’t like talking about the apartment in the red building at all. It’s come up a few times over the past few years, and one of us will reluctantly tell a story that we never wanted to tell or remember.

I couldn’t be paid enough money to ever step foot inside that place again. There’s something evil inside.” — neurotica_9000

4. An unsettling sound of sobbing came from nowhere

“One night, just after moving in to our house, I fell asleep on the couch and had a fever dream where I could just “see” this freshly constructed little farmhouse with a man and a woman fighting inside. He wasn’t sober, and he was mad that his wife had proven to be barren. She shrieked about knowing nobody here, and how she had nowhere to go.

This little native woman with caucasian complexion ran out just as a second man hit the porch, and I just remember hurting with her as she crouched in the dirt and just sooobbbbbbbed. I could hear the new guy pleading with asshole husband, shouting, ‘You’ve got to love her! You’ve got to!’ Over and over and over.

Then I woke up, and I could still hear her crying. It didn’t sound like it was next to me like it did in the dream; it was a ways away, to the east. I walked down the hall – towards my bedroom, towards the sobbing. Just then my dog (Howie) poked his head out of our bedroom – hunching, ears perked -, looked down the hall towards the back bedroom, and stood completely still as I slipped past him and sat crosslegged on the bed next to my wife.

Suddenly the sobbing became loud whimpering, and Howie growled. I wanted to know, but I only got out ‘ba-‘ when my wife blurted, in a whisper, ‘I hear it too.’ We both just sat there in silence for maybe 2 minutes, listening, until the sobs became sniffles and nose blowing, and then nothing. Howie laid down, and we fell asleep when we could see daylight.” — Hammer_of_Light

5. My blanket unexplainably flew into the air

“I used to live in a town house. Every now and then, in the middle of the night, there would be a sound of glass smashing on the floor. After investigating this noise there wouldn’t be any broken glass anywhere. Visitors have heard it too. Also my blanket just flew up into the air in the midst of slumber in which I was in. I’m pretty sure the place burnt before we moved in. I can’t remember if someone died or not.” — PugMaster101

6. A woman’s eyes made my radio go batshit crazy

“I’ve had a lifetime of weird experiences so I could bang on all day… but for now, we’ll go for one which was probably nought more than a strange coincidence – but still freaked me out.

Driving to work a few years back on a hot summer morning. Clear blue skies / sun already beating down at ~ 7:30am. I’m listening to a local radio station with not a single fuck to give about anything – I was chilled out and happy to be alive.

As I pull out from a junction and join the queue of traffic slowly crawling to the town centre, I spot a very ‘odd’ looking woman just across the road from me. Now, I don’t have the best memory for details but I do very clearly recall that she was about middle-aged, had very unkempt, shoulder-length brown hair (really scraggly) and I could tell by both her facial expression / gait that she wasn’t all there mentally; she was hobbling along in an awkward and erratic manner, apparently staring down at the pavement with this weird expression on her face… hard to explain.

Anyway, just as I’m being a judgmental piece of shit and thinking “Wow, fucking hell… I hope she’s not lost or something – she looks mental”, this woman snaps her head up from glancing at the floor and perfectly meets my gaze. Her eyes lock on to mine and this fucking awful, twisted grin appears across her face… but that’s not all.

At the very same moment she locks on to my eyes, the radio goes batshit crazy (think somewhere between distorted signal / static) too.

After a couple of seconds she looks away and carries on about her business. As she averts her gaze, the radio returns to normal… and my blood turns to ice.

I haven’t ever seen her since – and no offence to her – but fuck all of whatever that was in its entirety.” — CorrendousHunt

7. I had a conversation with someone that wasn’t actually there

“There was an old riverside restaurant in the town I lived in that had closed up, reopened as a bar, then closed up again. A couple of my buddies knew the owner and had gotten a spare key. We’d buy a case of beer, fire up the radio, Wii, and propane heater as it was winter in Wisconsin, and spend our nights playing Wii Frisbee golf. There was rumors that the building was haunted but I didn’t really believe in ghosts.

A couple hours in one night I’m in the bathroom taking a leak while one of my buddies is on the can. We start talking about the upcoming major league baseball season and how awful our team’s pitching is going to be. Full on conversation with stats and typical sports type talk. I zip up, wash up, and walk out only to run into that very friend I was just talking to as he is walking into the bathroom. I turn, walk back into the bathroom, open the stall door, nothing.” — Clvrme

8. They chased us down the road with baseball bats

“In high school, 3 friends and I went to “ghost bridge”. It was a supposedly haunted bridge out in the country across the state border which we lived by. We took two cars. I drove one and my friend Steve drove the other. We’ve all been out there before. We’d drive out there, turn around, and drive back out the way we came.

When we were down there this night, an older pickup came driving down toward us from the direction we don’t come from. It had one of those spotlights on the a-pillar like a cop car and two giant Confederate flags in the truck bed. There were two guys in the cab and two more in the bed. The driver told us they were undercover cops and some other stuff, but we could tell they were just fucking with us. The driver, who did most of the talking, definitely smelled of booze. They drove off after another minute or so of talking, and we didn’t think much of it.

About five minutes later, the same truck comes back and blocks off the bridge behind where we are parked. The driver shines the spotlight at us, and the two guys in the bed hop out with baseball bats. We run to our cars, and the guys slowly walk toward us. I’m parked in front with Steve behind me. My car won’t start initially. The guys are closing in on Steve’s car, but they’re still walking, taking their time. After what felt like minutes, my car finally starts, and we take off. The guys walking up to Steve’s car had their bats raised. What followed was a late night car chase basically through winding back roads we didn’t know. We eventually found a main road, pulled into a neighborhood and turned our cars off. The truck flew by without turning in.

Probably the most imminent danger I’ve ever been in.” — KittiesAtRecess

9. I saw a strange man with faded gray skin

“When I was younger, my mom claimed I had a really active imagination. One day I was over at my aunt’s while my mom was running various errands. My aunt, at the time, lived in a cul-de-sac and I could watch cars drive by the entrance from her laundry room. I was doing this for a bit and spotted a man coming from the sidewalk. He walked, from what appeared to my angle, into her garage. The man was wearing black, and had faded almost gray skin.

I go and tell my aunt, and she checks the garage for me, but there was no sign. My mom picks me up from her house and I tell her what I saw in vivid description. She just kinda believed it was my imagination.

A few years pass and I’m at school. The day passes as normal, and my mom picks me up. She was on edge and asks me of I remember the man I saw years ago, I ask why. Apparently shortly after she got home from taking me to school, she heard heavy footsteps that were moving fast, we had a really tiny house. She saw the man, and she just immediately left the house and drove away.

These events happened about ten years ago, but thinking about them still give me chills.” — Yvvell

10. I came face-to-face with a demon child

“This story is pretty long and despite it sounding insane I assure you it is 100% true:

I’m from a small town. It has a population of about 3,000. It wasn’t always that small. It use to be a very big town. At one time it was the headquarters of a very large oil company. Because of that there are a lot of old building from the 1800s. A very close friend of mine use to live in one of the old houses. It was a large two stories house from the 1840s. The house had a very rich history. It was used as many things including an inn, a stable, and later a hospital/morgue. The house was weird to say the least. Odd things would happen at all times of the day or night depending on which room you were in.

One day I was helping him carry a bed to the upstairs. It was about 2 in the afternoon and we were finishing setting up his girlfriend’s sister’s room.

She was either 3 or 4 and she had a toy box. We put everything where it needed to go and began heading down stairs when out of nowhere the lid to the toy box flew across the room right at us. The only that stopped it from hitting us was the banister. This is just an example of some of the stuff that would happen.

Now we get to the part of the story that I will never forget.

I was staying the night at his house and we were hanging out, having a good time. We played some video games and watched some movies. Normal teen stuff. Midnight rolls around and we decided to call it a night because we had to get up early and go help his dad with some stuff. We settle down and fall asleep shortly after. A few hours later I woke up and had to take a piss so I head to the bathroom. The way the house is set up, you have to go down a hall, take a right into the dining room, go about halfway through the dining room then taking a right into another hallway. The bathroom is just past the hallway opening and it looks straight into the the dining room. So I head to the bathroom, do my business and start heading back to the room we were staying in. I open the bathroom door and walk through the first hallway and step into the dining room.

I look over in the corner and is see a little girl. ‘Lynn, what the hell are you doing up? You need to go back to bed,’ I said. Lynn was the name of his girlfriend’s sister. She just stood there. My eyes began to adjust to the darkness. I realized it wasn’t Lynn. I get closer while my eyes continue to adjust to the lack of light. I start to notice details of this little girl.

She’s wearing a white (but dirty) Victorian style dress. More details become visible. She doesn’t have hair. It’s not like she’s bald. Her head is slightly misshapen and odd. Still more details begin to jump out at me. She’s not white but she’s not completely black. She is covered in black splotches and everything in between is a dark crimson. Her face comes into focus. Half of it is cover in burn marks and blisters the other half is charred. The final detail come into view. This part with haunt my thoughts forever. Her eyes, dear god her eyes. They were black. Black as night. No pupil just black, then she blinked. Now there were pupils. They we’re a deep blue but they are hard to describe. They looked hollow, empty, it’s not like they were looking at me. It was more like they were looking through me.

Fear is all I felt, absolute terror. I pressed my back against the wall and slowly inched my way to the hallway. I never took my eyes off of her and she never took her eyes off of me. As soon as I got to the hallway I turned and ran as fast as I could to the room I was staying in. I get there and turn all the lights on and sit and wait for morning to come. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t think, I was staring at the door hoping, praying that morning would come faster. Daylight finally comes and a wave of relief washes over me. My friend wakes up shortly after and he says it’s time for us to leave. I couldn’t get out of that place fast enough.” — Nipplas_Cage

11. I ran over the ghost of a man

“I was driving home one night through my Home town one night about 10 years ago, when a dog ran out in front of me and I hit it, or felt like I ran over something. I immediately stopped to check on the dog, but there was no dog, there was no damage to my car, nothing! And my car was a crappy French car that dented very easily, so I couldn’t understand no evidence of hitting something! There was a bar across the street with people outside, so I shouted over if they’d seen anything or if the dog had ran off, the promptly asked me if I was drunk because I’d slammed on for no reason, there was no dog, I just looked like an idiot! I later found out a homeless man and his dog had been run over along that road about a month before I ‘hit’ the dog, the homeless man wasn’t killed, but as is the case with stories like that I found no information on if the dog died, but I suspect it did and I’d seen a ghost, that or I was so tired I imagined things I’d really love to know what went on as it creeps me out still.” — Chrispy83

12. Bright green lights followed my aunt’s car

“My Aunt and cousin recently had an encounter they have no explanation for. While driving home from a nearby city there is a dark stretch of road. They both swear they saw green lights in the distance. Out of nowhere the lights begin to follow their vehicle first on the side of them and then right behind them. Above them in the air the lights proceed to start to dance across the highway a seat if scanning the car and the road. At this time my cousin is in full panic she is screaming for my Aunt to do something.

My Aunt says there’s is nothing to do but keep driving the lights begin to start moving into the vehicle. My cousin at this time is in tears my Aunt is driving quickly trying not to panic. Then the light skin zoom off and disappear. My Aunt and cousin swear by this story. Such a strange occurrence and no explanation. I asked why they didn’t film anything but my cousin was too freaked out and my Aunt was just trying not to overreact and stayed driving. No explanation.

To add to the eeriness of it all now whenever my aunt drives through the area now she gets immediate flashback to the area and the night. She says it could be the furthest thing from her mind but the minute she passes through the area it immediately pops into her head.” — mattie4fun

13. My father tried to kidnap us all

“My creepiest experience happened when I was around 6 or 7 years old. My mom, sister, and I had been away from my biological father for some time at that point. He was very very abusive. He never hit me, but I still have reoccurring nightmares (15 years later) about watching him hit my mother and my sister. My sister, the great girl she was, would purposefully piss off our father whenever he acted like he was going to physically harm me, that way my sister could take the beating instead of me.

We were visiting my aunt at her apartment and my sister (also my step-sister was there) decided we should go for a walk around the lake at my aunts apartment. Throughout the time walking, we stopped at a playground so I could play for a bit. While I was playing, I kept hearing what sounded like someone calling my biological sisters name. Over and over. So I told her about it but she said “shanshan_, you’re not hearing my name, everything is okay.” We leave and as we’re getting closer to the end of the walk, I just had a very bad feeling. All of a sudden, I hear my sisters name over and over again. Finally both of my sisters hear what I’m talking about!

Next thing you know, you see my biological father hauling fucking ass towards us. He was a man on a mission and that mission involved getting me. He was calling my sisters name and running towards us but my sisters and I all know he was there to literally try and take me because I was the youngest and he was never allowed to see me anymore. The only thing I remember after that is running as fast as my 6-7 year old legs would take me. We made it back to the apartment complex, but we begged the women inside to not let my biological father in because we had a restraining order against him. Cops were called, he wasn’t arrested, just told to leave. It’s been 15 years since this day and it still scares the shit out of me.” — shanshan__

14. Our door unlocked all on its own

“My house has tons of possible paranormal stories and was built on very ‘haunted’ grounds. This is just one of the many many stories:

A couple years back, our alarm went off in the middle of the night. My dad got up and checked the house and we couldn’t find what triggered the alarm. Finally, in the VERY BACK room of my house, we found a door that was opened.

This room was going to be my Nonna’s room before she passed so it is sort of a pool house connected to my own home. The door that was opened lead to the outside of the house, and onto a wheelchair ramp.

My house has cameras all around the some and inside many of the rooms. My dad immediately went back and tried to review the tapes. You can clearly see in the film that the door unlocked and opened up. There was no one on either side and you can see that in the camera.” — Ihateyouprobablyyeah

15. Something inside of my mind speaks to me

“Multiple times this has happened. It’s pretty strange.

I’ll be sleeping enjoying my dream, and someone will say, ‘Time to wake up Dan. It’s (then a time).’ I wake up, the time on my phone matches the time that was said in the dream. It’s not like an alarm thing playing on my mind, the time said is always a random one.” — DanOfBradford78

16. There were ghosts inside of my church

“The church I go to is several hundred years old and there has been a church on the site since 1200. It is never silent.

I was in there today, doing some electrical testing and heard the usual creaking of the ceiling as someone walked across the floor above and then back.

But a new one for me – the organ is in an alcove and there are three wooden steps to climb up to the seat, which is on a wooden dais. The whole lot creaks when you walk up it and then sit on the seat. And yes today, the steps creaked exactly like someone was walking up them and then the seat and dais creaked as if someone had sat there.

Then there was the sound of someone walking around in the belfry, which I knew to be locked.” — Stooby2

17. He chased us with a chainsaw

“Me and a group of friends explore an abandoned barn down his road. After a few hours of scaring ourselves, and seeing a pickaxe stuck in the wall on the top floor, we decided to leave. Freaked out by the pickaxe. So on our way down the long gravel driveway of the property, and passed boarded windows of nearby buildings, headlights from down the road. We hid in some roadside bushes because we were trespassing. Waited for it to pass by. It slowed. We’re still, knowing we’re found out. An old man gets out and pops his trunk. Pulls out a CHAINSAW, and limps up the road towards the barn we were in. We hauled ass back to my friend’s house and nearly fell down his basement stairs. We ducked under the covers, unable to believe that we were almost psycho spooked or murdered.

Still get chills.” — Sonicboombox27

18. We found a teddy bear that a child predator left behind

“Behind the elementary school I attended from kindergarten to sixth grade there are woods. When I was in fifth grade there was a child predator found in the woods, who had been watching the kids with binoculars when they were at recess. So for obvious reasons, I have always found those woods particularly creepy. Last year, I was going into my junior year, and I was with a couple girls walking around my neighborhood that is very close to the woods. It was about eleven pm, and we decided to cut through the woods to get to the school. We are about to cross a bridge that goes over a creek and we see something on the ground. One of the girls flashes her phone light at the bridge and we see a teddy bear on the ground. The teddy bear has its stuffing ripped out and placed in a circle around the bear on the ground. The rest of the stuffing is in a plastic with glitter in it right next to the bear. We stared at it for a couple seconds not really understanding what we say and then finally just ran out of the woods.” — YungPickles

19. Someone stalked her and took pictures to prove it

“This happened to one of my sister’s friends: So this girl wanted to hitch hike from New Jersey to Maine. She posted it on Facebook, and got enough support from her friends to buy some decent equipment to sleep in the woods(took place in the summer, wasn’t so bad). This thing gains a good amount of traction, people offer to let her surf their couches and whatnot because this girl is so ambitious. A week into her trip, she starts to feel uneasy about continuing. She would call her family members everyday to check in with them and she openly stated that she wouldn’t be comfortable finishing the journey. Everyone seemed somewhat disappointed, but respected her choice. She eventually hitches a ride home and when she checks her phone/laptop iCloud photos, there were pictures of her sleeping in her tent on multiple nights.” — radioactiveclothing

20. My brother was possessed by a demon

“The time my brother was ‘possessed.’

He started reading a book on kundalini which seemed innocent enough. About a week later he came to my flat and everything was normal, all of a sudden like a switch had been pressed his eyes turned wild and his face contorted. He became unresponsive and started doing a jig on the spot and kept repeatedly throwing my bible around and picking it up. After 5 hours of this he turned to look at me, up until this post it was like I was not even in the room and he started nashing his teeth, he charged at me full pace knocking me to the ground. We spent the next 4 hours with him attempting to kick the shit out of me full force while I was trying to stop him without hurting myself. After a rather effective slam he stood in the kitchen so I went to the bathroom to clean the blood from my face. I came back into the room and was greeted with a kettle full of boiling water chucked over me. I lost my temper at this point but refrained from hitting him so I slammed him to the floor and kept my weight on him.

I called my dad and said get here quick, 12 hours this had lasted and I was exhausted. My dad arrived and we called the emergency services, they asked if my brother was aggressive at the moment to which we said no, at that moment he charged my dad and slammed him to the floor.

The police arrived 15 mins later and 8 of them pinned him down and took him away to be sectioned.

After a month he was released but after 24 hours was sectioned again.

He is out now and has moved back in with my parents but is a different person. He has a wild beard and refuses to leave the house or wear clothes. My Mum cries most nights and I feel I have lost my brother. He claims the hospital was a black magic facility in which they took his soul and his life is over. He is the polar opposite of the man he was and it was all started by the book. He was vegan and did not take drugs and the screen tests confirmed this. I do believe that what he read in that book allowed something very evil to enter into him. It was like a classic possession, I have seen people freak out on trips or lose the plot with speed but I have never seen anything like that.

My brother was my life and it kills me to see him like this and my parents can’t cope but we don’t know what to do, it’s been a year now and he is no better. He destroyed his flat at some point and destroyed my 30 year collection of CDs, I don’t have any CDs now and am unable to work, they are not as important as his health but it is gutting to lose your brother and cd collection. Possessions are very real, I know a lot of people will think it’s mental health but it all started when he read that damn book.

That night traumatized me and now I spend the days on my own and don’t have a single cd. I don’t know what the future holds but my parents said they can’t cope much longer.” — Symdj

21. My mother and I are psychically connected

“When I was very sick in the hospital, I would think about my mom and pick up the phone to call her but before I started dialing the number she was on the line, even though my phone never rang. She had called me and I picked up the phone to call her at the same time before my phone ever rang. It was like I’d just pick up the phone and she’d be sitting on the line waiting to hear the phone ringing but instead she’d hear me hit the buttons to dial out. We were so connected that this happened four times in the two weeks I was hospitalized. The first time we were both laughing at the funny coincidence. By the 2nd-4th times we were freaked out a bit by it. But we’ve always been very close, so it’s not that surprising.” — SunnyDrago

22. I heard scratches against the door

“When I was younger I used to sleep over my best friend’s house a lot. He has an enormous and old house which is also quite beautiful. One night, I woke up and went up this long ass stairs to the bathroom while it was all really dark and I cant start to describe the noises I heard while I was in the bathroom. I heard steps right outside the door, heard someone scratching the door and I thought “This must be my friend pranking me”, so I went and opened the door. Nothing, absolutely nothing the noises stopped suddenly as soon as I opened it.

I slept in the bathroom that night and recently told my friend now that we are older what happened and he told me they had their house ‘purged’ a year ago due to weird things happening specially with his little sister.

To be honest, I don’t believe in ghosts nor anything of that kind but that event was a complete mindfuck.

Many people on the other thread said it was mice, but I’m sure it wasnt mostly because I had mice in my house and they don’t sound nowhere near what I heard that day.” — ChasisOxidado

23. I heard haunting sounds around the house

“I’ve heard walking right above my room in my loft several times, that was real fucking unsettling considering we only go up there once every 3 or 4 months and it was at like 1am and my sister is in the room with the loft access and i’m directly next to it

Another is hearing a dog running up the stairs after my dog died, me and my sister heard that one.

In my old house I’d hear pans crashing downstairs despite never finding anything and my parents being in bed so it wasn’t them washing up.” — mudb3d

24. Multiple women were murdered at our lodge

“So when I was a kid, in 1999, my family and I went to the US (from the UK) and while we were there visited Yosemite National Park (amazing by the way). We stayed in a lodge for a few days while we were there. Unfortunately, our TV did not work, which for a young child (me) was a problem. My parents called the reception a few times but no one ever came to fix it. Anyway, we finish the rest of our holiday and return home. About a week or so later, my parents put on the TV and there’s the lodge we stayed in. Turns out that the maintenance man had murdered 4 women. Fun times.” — oblivion618

25. Her ghost forced the song to skip

“Friend of the family, her sister died in her sleep when she was 5 and friend was 13. They used to listen to Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go on repeat for hours, it was very much their song. After she died the friend went to go play the CD (or tape) when all of a sudden it start skipping/repeating the chorus ‘Wake Me Up’ around 20 times. Friend has not been able to listen to that song since then.” — sassymatty Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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