15 Signs That He Is Going To Ruin Your Entire Life

God and Man
God and Man

1. He’s immature. Dependent. Needy. He wants all of your attention. You don’t have any time to focus on your own goals and your own needs, because you’re too busy catering to what he needs. You’re sacrificing your happiness for his.

2. He wants you to give up your job to move across the country with him or to stay at home and watch the kids — even though you love your work and don’t want to give it up.

3. He wants three kids when you don’t want any kids at all — or vice versa — which means you’re going to end up settling for a life you never wanted.

4. He wants you to move to another state with him, even though you like where you are now. It’s where your friends are, where your job is, and where you’re the happiest. You know you’d be miserable leaving, but you do it anyway — for him.

5. He spends all of his money on hard drugs or alcohol — and even if he claims he wants to give them up, he hasn’t showed any signs of stopping. You’re living with an addict and it’s stressful as hell.

6. He pushes you to get a boob job, a nose job, lip injections. Even though you originally were happy with how you looked, now he has you questioning your own beauty.

7. He makes fun of heavy women and admits that he wouldn’t want you anymore if you gained weight, so now you have an unhealthy obsession with keeping fit.

8. He gets jealous whenever you go out without him, so you’ve started spending less time with your closest friends.

9. He doesn’t encourage your dreams, because he thinks they’re unrealistic. So you stay at a job that you hate, because he keeps telling you that it’s the smartest decision.

10. He wants to spend every holiday with his parents, which means you’re forced to spend less time with yours. And he won’t even consider compromising with you about it.

11. You’ve had arguments that ended with the police being called (either by one of you or by the neighbors). So now you have a record.

12. He tries to control how much makeup you’re wearing and how much cleavage you’re showing. You don’t have a say in your own wardrobe anymore, because he’s in charge of your body.

13. You hate his friends. His coworkers. His family. You’re forced to spend time with groups of people that drive you up the wall.

14. He monitors what you spend, which means that you can’t buy a new pair of shoes with your own money without him flipping out on you. You don’t have control over your own income.

15. Whenever he wants something, you give it to him. But whenever you need something, he isn’t able to give it to you. Your relationship is one-sided and you’re on the losing end. You’re the one that’s suffering. You’re the one that’s ruining your life by being with him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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