15 Signs He Isn’t Looking For Something Serious

God and Man
God and Man

1. After you get close to him, after you spend an extra special night together, he ignores you for at least a week. He’s trying to keep his distance to avoid getting attached — or to avoid hurting you even more than he already has.

2. He’s constantly adding new girls on Facebook and Instagram. You don’t see him commenting on their posts, but that’s because he’s talking to them through private messages. He might’ve even found them through dating apps.

3. Whenever you’re around his buddies, they brag about the girls they’ve been banging. They’re all players. And since people tend to attract friends that are similar to them, your guy is probably playing the field, too.

4. Either he’s never been in a serious relationship before, or he keeps mentioning one ex that hurt him in the past. The one ex that he clearly isn’t over.

5. He does touch you when his friends are around — but only by placing his hand on your lower back and smacking your ass. He never holds your hand or kisses your cheek in front of an audience. He probably doesn’t even do it in private.

6. When you reach a new level in your relationship, when you kiss or have sex for the first time, he doesn’t bring it up after the fact. It’s almost like it never happened. Like it’s been erased from his brain.

7. You’ve seen pictures of him with other girls. You’ve seen him receive texts from other girls. But he never mentions any other girls. He acts like you’re the only woman in his life, but that’s far from the truth.

8. Whenever you hang out, it’s a spur of the moment thing. He doesn’t call you to set up plans for the next weekend. He asks you to come over that night. That second.

9. His promises are monumental. He’s going to take you to Disney. He’s going to show you around London. He promises you things that he’s never going to follow through on, so you don’t hold him to his word.

10. Whenever you two hang out, it’s only a matter of time before you end up in his bed. Maybe you’ll make out. Maybe you’ll only cuddle. But you always end up in that bed.

11. He has a shitload of excuses. He didn’t call you back, because he didn’t get your message. He didn’t answer your text, because he was tired. He couldn’t hang out with you, because he had a vague thing to take care of.

12. You flirt like crazy. You’ve shared a million inside jokes and adorable moments. But you never learn anything real about him. About his past. About his personality.

13. His phone beeps constantly and he never mentions who’s texting him. And if you ask, he’ll make a joke and avoid the question. Clearly, there are other girls that are interested and he doesn’t want you to know.

14. He invites you over to his house, or asks to meet up at your house, but he never takes you out to dinner or the movies. He doesn’t spend any money on you.

15. He straight up tells you that he isn’t looking for something serious. That he just got out of a serious relationship and isn’t ready for another one. Even if he’s been sending mixed signals — even if it seems like he really likes you — listen to his warning. He said those words for a reason. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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