13 Things She’s Too Strong To Ask For (But You Should Give Her Anyway)

Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair

1. Attention. She’s not going to beg you to hang out with her or send you ten texts in an hour. She’s not going to nag you until you give her everything she deserves. She wants your attention — but she wants you to give it willingly.

2. Comfort. She’s the type that escapes to the bathroom to cry. So if you notice her eyes are puffy and her liner is smudged, hold her tight and squeeze. Show her that you’re there for her — even if she’s not ready to talk about whatever is bothering her.

3. Help. She looks like she has it all together, but she’s secretly struggling. She puts too much on her plate at once, because she wants to make everyone happy, and that’s stressful AF. But she’ll never admit she needs your help.

4. Hugs and kisses. She’s the definition of independent. She doesn’t want to seem needy, so she would never ask you for affection. But she wants forehead kisses and hugs from behind. She wants to be swallowed by your love.

5. Romance. She might act like Valentine’s Day is a fake holiday and say that flowers are cliche. But she secretly wants to be treated special. She wants to be spoiled. She wants you to put in effort.

6. Time. She doesn’t want to be a bother. So if you seem busy, she won’t trouble you with her problems. She’ll bottle them up until she explodes. She doesn’t want to ruin your day. She doesn’t want to bring you down.

7. Compliments. She acts confident, but she has just as many insecurities as any other girl. She refuses to fish for compliments, even though she is dying to know what you think of her new haircut and little black dress.

8. Apologies. She acts like she doesn’t have feelings. Like she doesn’t care about what you did to her. But she does. So much. And she deserves to hear that you’re sorry.

9. Alone time. She doesn’t want to admit that being around people can be draining. She wants to look like she’s always full of energy, always ready to have fun. But she needs “me time.” She needs an opportunity to escape.

10. Answers. She’s not going to question every move you make — but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care. She just doesn’t want to ask. She wants you to tell her without having to yank it out of you.

11. Little things. Good morning texts. Long car rides. Surprise dates. They’re such small things. Things that she would never ask you for. But she secretly wants them all.

12. Money. She can pay for her own meal and movie ticket. She can afford her own rent and groceries. She can support herself. But once in a while, she’d like to be treated (with the full intention of returning the favor).

13. Words. Actions are important, but so are words. She wants to hear I love you and I appreciate you and I couldn’t imagine my life without you. She wants you to voice your love for her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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