She’s Skeptical Because She’s Been Hurt So Badly In The Past

Brandon Woelfel
Brandon Woelfel

She asks questions, but those questions are never unfair. She won’t accuse you of cheating when there isn’t any proof. She won’t make you feel like a crappy boyfriend without reason.

But sometimes, you’ll catch her crying in the bathroom, as quietly as she can, because she’s hoping you won’t hear. Or you’ll see her grit her teeth when you talk about another girl, even though she won’t say a word about it.

Slowly, you’ll start to realize that she gets skeptical whenever she feels like your relationship is at risk.

She’s skeptical, because of how much she likes you. She’s not the dependent type. She’s not the dramatic type. The only reason that she freaks out is because she’s so in love with you. Because she’s so terrified of losing you.

She doesn’t want to look like an idiot. Like one of those poor girls that does everything for their boyfriend, thinking that their relationship is roses, while he’s secretly sneaking out to hook up with strangers and everyone knows it. Everyone, except her, because she refuses to believe he’s capable of hurting her. She refuses to see the truth.

No. She will never be that girl.

She would rather know what’s happening. She would rather ask questions. She would rather risk looking like a psycho to get answers that will put her heart at ease.

Because she can’t trust you without communicating with you. She can’t blindly believe that you aren’t going to hurt her. Because she’s believed before. And she’s been hurt before. Badly. Irreparably.

It’s not that she doesn’t trust you. She just doesn’t trust herself. Her own judgement.

She’s worried that her feelings for you are clouding her vision, making her world go blurry. She’s worried that you’re not the perfect man that she’s been led to believe you are. She’s worried that everything has been a lie.

But if it’s not a lie, if you’re the person she trusts that you are, she’ll become comfortable as your relationship ages.

But for now, she might overreact, because she has strong emotions — and you should love that about her. You should love that when she’s happy, she’s ecstatic. And when she’s annoyed, she’s furious. It means she gives herself the freedom to feel. It means she’s authentic.

She’s skeptical, because she actually cares. Your relationship actually means something to her. You actually mean something to her.

If you didn’t, then she wouldn’t be skeptical. She would only be numb. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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