If You Want A Love That Lasts, Date Someone You Can Do Nothing With

Unsplash, Shelby Deeter
Unsplash, Shelby Deeter

Date someone that enjoys spending time with you, even if that time doesn’t involve speaking. Someone that’s happy just to be in your presence. Just to feel your skin graze up against theirs. Just to look up and be reminded that you’re in the same room as them.

Date someone that will sit on the couch with you while you watch TV, even though they have their nose buried in a book. Someone that sits with their laptop while you sit with yours. Someone that wants you in their life, in their room, even though you’re doing two completely separate things.

If you want a love that will last, then you have to find someone that you can do nothing with, nothing at all. Because anyone can feel like good company when you’re swimming through oceans or walking through cities or hiking up mountains. Anyone can be a good boyfriend on a good day.

But what about the bad days? Or the average days? The days when you aren’t in the mood to leave the house and are planning on sitting around. Or the days when you have to pick up groceries and get the oil changed.

Find someone that you can do nothing with, because most days consist of nothing. Most days are in-between days where you feel like you’re sleepwalking through time. Like you’re existing instead of living.

But when you find the right person, those days won’t feel meaningless anymore. They’ll feel productive, like they weren’t a waste at all, because you got to see your partner. Squeeze their hand. Hold them close. Hear them laugh.

If you want a relationship that will actually last then you need to search for someone that you’re happy sitting in silence with. Someone that you’re excited to see, even if there isn’t any alcohol or sex or five-course meals involved. Someone that makes you feel special, without any extras.

Because, let’s be honest, life can get pretty boring. And so can relationships — even the best relationships. Especially the best relationships.

So make it your mission to find someone that makes you smile, even when there’s nothing to smile about. Someone that you can talk to, even when there’s nothing to talk about. Someone that makes you feel like you had an adventurous day when you didn’t do anything at all.

Date someone that you still love on the boring days. Because those are the days that really matter. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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