33 Things That Are Wildly More Important Than How Hot He Is

Unsplash, Aidan Meyer
Unsplash, Aidan Meyer

1. How much respect he shows you and your loved ones.

2. How good his music taste is.

3. How soft his beard is (because scratchy is never sexy).

4. How hard he makes you laugh.

5. How delicious his cologne smells.

6. How passionate he is about his career.

7. How talented he is with his tongue.

8. How quickly he texts back.

9. How good he is with children and animals.

10. How much confidence he has.

11. How long foreplay lasts.

12. How much reading he does.

13. How comfortable he is with commitment.

14. How big his brain is.

15. How mature he is.

16. How much effort he puts into making you happy.

17. How well he pays attention when you’re speaking.

18. How nice his breath smells.

19. How often he showers and manscapes.

20. How well he gets along with your friends and your father.

21. How loyal he is.

22. How much chemistry he has with you.

23. How friendly he is to strangers.

24. How patient he is under stressful circumstances.

25. How delicious he tastes.

26. How impressive his fashion sense is.

27. How comfortable he is to rest your head against.

28. How often he goes down on you.

29. How honest he is with you.

30. How spontaneous and adventurous he is.

31. How much time he sets aside to spend with you.

32. How talented he is with his hands.

33. How beautiful he makes you feel. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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