25 Traumatized People Share An Unsolved Mystery From Their Dark Past

It’s hard to find a reasonable explanation for these stories from Ask Reddit. Some events are simply unexplainable.

Unsplash, User avatar Etienne Pauthenet @epauthenet Etienne Pauthenet
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Etienne Pauthenet
Etienne Pauthenet

1. My father might have murdered my mother

“1993, I was 10 years old. My mom either shot herself or my dad killed her. For years I believed she killed herself and shunned family that said otherwise. Fast forward 17 years later, I find out my half sisters have been molested by him their entire memorable lives. Asked him point blank the day he was sentenced to 25 years in prison if he killed my mom. He still denies it. I haven’t spoken to him since, and never will again. I’ll never know what truly happened.” — Zombiecub

2. Blood mysteriously appeared on the walls

“I was at my Grandmother’s house and she asked my mother and I to help her toss old bread to her chickens, so the three of us stepped out onto the deck and started tearing bread and tossing it over the railing. We were only out there for about a minute. When we came back in there was blood on the fucking walls! Little drops of blood on every wall on the first floor and some of the walls on the second floor, none in the basement. We checked her two dogs for injuries and any trace of blood, nothing. The cat was outside, she hardly came inside. We could not find the source of the blood! We spent hours wiping the blood off of the walls that day. Years later, we were moving her out of that house and found more spots of blood behind things like bookshelves and dressers. This has bothered all three of us for years.” — Zefyros

3. My friend disappeared after an accident

“Mike. Mike and I were best friends in 1st through 3rd grade or so. We hung out all the time in school and out. One day we were hanging upside down on one of those dome jungle gym things and Mike fell. Normally no big deal except in some freak circumstance, he just so happened to be positioned directly above the concrete used to hold the dome in place. When he fell, he cracked open his head on the concrete and I remember seeing the blood on it.

Teachers ran over to help, took him to the Nurse’s office, shortly after an ambulance came and took him away. Then I never saw him again. He never returned to school and my parents didn’t know or didn’t tell me what happened. I’ve asked them since and they don’t even remember.

At this point in my life, knowing what happened will change my life exactly 0. I totally don’t remember his last name to try and find him on Facebook or anything, it just annoys me. Like, did he die or just move away or get transferred to a different school because his parents were upset at what happened?” — Sciencefacepunch

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