If You Feel The Sexual Tension In These 15 Situations, There’s Definitely Chemistry Between You

Twenty20, edric
Twenty20, edric

1. When you’re in the middle of bantering, and suddenly the laughter trails off, and you’re looking each other in the eyes. Just looking. Admiring their glittering eyes and sideways smile in the silence while they do the same.

2. When you accidentally brush up against each other while sitting side-by-side. And neither of you inch away to establish your personal space, because you can’t stand the absence of each other’s skin.

3. When you hug without pulling away after the average amount of time. You take those scattered extra seconds to hold them close, sniff their cologne, feel their bones through their clothes. And they aren’t moving, either.

4. When you say something flirty about how gorgeous they are or about how you’d make a perfect couple. It’s clearly meant as a joke, but it doesn’t land that way. It sounds too serious. Too true to life. And there’s a noticeable shudder in the air before you lean the conversation in a different direction.

5When you’re standing across the room, but feel like you’re the only two people in that room, because your gazes keep meeting. You’re both in conversation with other people, but it doesn’t matter, because you’re not listening. Not really. Your eyes keep flicking back to your person. And they’re doing the same.

6. When you talk to them and you stand close. You wouldn’t let anyone else stand that close. Touch you for that long. But they’re the exception. It’s like your bodies are magnetized.

7. When there are other people around and there’s a thin layer of sexual tension. There’s not enough flirting for the others to realize the attraction, but there’s enough for you to realize it. It’s like you two have your own little secret. Like you’re having a private conversation everyone else can hear, but can’t really comprehend.

8. When the conversation hints at something slightly sexual and there’s a sudden change in their persona. Their voice gets lighter. Airier. More authentic.

9. When you see each other for the first time that day and exchange an unavoidably lusty look. They lick their lips. Flash their eyebrows. Do a once-over of your body. They’re taking in your beauty as you take in theirs.

10. When you’re finally alone together and things are… different. They’re sweet to you in groups, sure. But when you’re left one-on-one, you feel freer. Like you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

11. When you know that you should leave work or a party or their house, but they’re there, so you keep making excuses to stay for just a little longer. And they have the same idea.

12. When you touch each other for unnecessary reasons, like to run your hands through their new haircut or to compare your hand sizes. You just want to feel them. To be even closer to them.

13. When you trail off in the middle of your sentence, because you were distracted by their beauty and couldn’t remember what you were planning on telling them. And they seem amused by it.

14. When you wink at each other and it doesn’t feel forced or creepy or cliche. It feels flattering. Fun.

15. When you look at each other for just a second too long. Maybe a minute too long. It’s hard to pull your eyes away from their eyes, unless you’re glancing down at their lips in anticipation of a kiss. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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