15 Things The Girl With An Eggshell Heart Needs, But Will Never Ask For

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1. Reassurance. She wants to know that you haven’t grown bored of her. Haven’t lost interest in her. That you’re still as in love with her now as you were when you first met her.

2. Friendship. She wants more than a boyfriend. She wants a best friend. Someone that she can talk to about her dreams and her demons. Someone that’s always around to trade secrets with her.

3. Affection. She’s the type that needs tight hugs. Hands on her waist. Hands through her hair. She wants to feel your love through your touch.

4. Acceptance. She wants to be with someone that sees her flaws and embraces them. Someone that doesn’t mind her annoying quirks. Someone that wants her — all of her — even though it’s not all positive.

5. Chances. She knows she’s imperfect, that she’s occasionally going to mess up. And she hopes that you’ll give her second chances. That you’ll give her the freedom to make mistakes.

6. Attention. She wants good morning texts. Shoulder massages. Phone calls to make sure she made it home safe. She wants to be an important part of your world.

7. Support. She wants someone that will encourage her to pursue her dreams, even if they sound asinine. Unrealistic. She wants someone to believe in her so much that she starts to believe in herself.

8. Compliments. She wants to know that you think of her as beautiful. That you’re proud to be seen with her. That you appreciate the effort she puts into her appearance.

9. Comfort. She wants someone she can rest her head on. Someone that will wrap an arm around her. Someone that will make her feel at peace, even when her life is nothing but chaos.

10. Authenticity. She doesn’t want to see an enhanced version of you. She wants to know you. The real you. With all your strengths and flaws.

11. Protection. She wants to know that you’ll protect her heart. That you won’t intentionally cause her any pain. That you’ll refrain from lying and cheating and weighing her down with even more baggage.

12. Vulnerability. She’s going to have moments of weakness, and she wants you to do the same. To cry in front of her. To expose your soul to her.

13. Commitment. She wants something real. Not a fling. Not a friend with benefits. A real relationship that could lead to a real future.

14. Effort. She wants you to try to make time for her. Try to make her laugh. Try to prove that you honestly want her in your life, because it’s hard for her to believe anyone could care.

15. Love. She wants to feel like the love you have for her isn’t temporary. Like you’re a permanent part of her life. Like you aren’t going anywhere. Ever. Because your love for her is as strong as her love for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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