13 Signs You’re Highly Susceptible To Settling For Less Than You Deserve


1. You’re a giver. You don’t pay attention to how much (or how little) other people are giving you, because you’re more concerned about what you can offer them. You value their happiness above your own.

2. You’re too forgiving. You give out second chances like candy, because you want to believe that things are going to change. You want to believe that the person you fell for is worthy of your time. You want to believe that you’re not making a huge mistake.

3. You get attached easily. As soon as someone gives you a little bit of attention, you’re hooked on them. Just like that.

4. You’re overly optimistic. You see the best in people. When they let you down, you search for the silver lining and tell yourself that everything is okay. You give others (much) more credit than they deserve, because you’re such a positive person.

5. You have low self-esteem. You don’t think you deserve flowers and chocolates. You don’t think you deserve time and attention. So you settle for boys that see you the way that you see yourself — as a nobody.

6. Your exes were toxic. You’re used to getting trapped in unhealthy relationships. It’s nothing new. And old habits die hard.

7. You’re a romantic at heart. You’re eager to fall in love. Which means you’ll convince yourself that you love whomever you’re dating, because you so badly want it to be true.

8. You’re worried about dying alone. So you settle for anyone that will agree to date you. You’d rather be with the wrong person than be by yourself. You’ve spent far too long on your own. You’re sick of it.

9. You’re too trusting. You believe that people are exactly who they say they are. You don’t consider the possibility that everything they’ve been telling you has been a lie. That they’ve been playing a part to impress you.

10. You’re surrounded by unhealthy relationships. Your parents are divorced and your friends all cheat on each other. You’re surrounded by bad relationship role models, so you have a skewed version of ‘normal.’

11. You’re lonely. You don’t care who falls asleep next to you at night. You just want someone. Anyone.

12. You’re sentimental. You don’t like to say goodbye to anyone, even if they’re bringing you down. It’s because you have so much history with them. And you don’t want all of those years to go to waste.

13. You follow your heart over your head. Even when you’re fighting with him every morning. Even when you’re crying yourself to sleep every night. Even when it’s clear that you deserve better and should officially move on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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