Why He’s Tempted To Cheat, Based On His Zodiac Sign

If you’re in a healthy relationship, he probably isn’t tempted to cheat. But if he IS tempted, then this is the reason why.

Unsplash, Lauren Ferstl
Unsplash, Lauren Ferstl

Aries: March 21st – April 19th

He loves the feeling of adrenaline coursing through his veins. Sure, he could get it by skydiving or bungee jumping or hiking. But he could also get it by flirting with his hot coworker or that sexy bartender that keeps looking his way.

Taurus: April 20th – May 20th

If he’s tempted to cheat, it’s because he’s worried about how loyal you are. Maybe he’s just paranoid because he’s been hurt in the past, or maybe you actually have been getting close to someone new. If that’s the case, then he might cheat, just to get back at you.

Gemini: May 21st – June 20th

If he’s tempted to cheat, it isn’t because he hates you. It’s because he’s genuinly confused about what he wants. He doesn’t know if you’re the right person for him or if she’s still out there somewhere. He wants to explore his options to make sure he isn’t making a mistake with you.

Cancer: June 21st – July 22nd

Cancers aren’t the type to play the field. They’re the type to settle down. So if they’re tempted to cheat on you, you’re probably not the person that they want to spend forever with. Chances are, they’re falling in love with the person that they’re cheating with.

Leo: July 23rd – August 22nd

Cheating isn’t about you. It’s about him. He’s feeling inadequate. Insecure. He needs another woman to make him feel like he’s attractive again. Like he still has it. 

Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd

If he’s thinking about cheating, it’s because he’s overly stressed. Even though there are plenty of other ways to release that stress, he turns to cheating, because it’s the easy answer. Because it’s a temporary fix for his sadness.

Libra: September 23rd – October 22nd

He’s always admired beautiful things. Beautiful architecture. Beautiful artwork. Beautiful women. He’s been looking at eye candy for so long that he’s grown tired of it. Now, he wants to touch.

Scorpio: October 23rd – November 21st

If he’s going to cheat, it’ll probably happen after an argument when he’s pissed off. He has a bad temper, which often causes him to lash out and do something destructive. Sometimes, he’ll go to the bar to get wasted. But one day, he might cheat instead.

Sagittarius: November 22nd – December 21st

He’s always had a fear of commitment. Now that things are getting serious between the two of you, he’s getting scared. He’s worried about leaving his bachelor days behind. And that fear could push him to do something stupid.

Capricorn: December 22nd – January 19th

If he ends up cheating on you, it wasn’t a spur of the moment thing. It was planned out. He had every step measured so that he wouldn’t get caught. So don’t let him convince you it was a moment of weakness. It wasn’t.

Aquarius: January 20th – February 18th

If he’s tempted to cheat, it’s probably because he’s bored in bed. He’s a creative soul and likes to switch things up. If sex gets too tame, then he might look for another woman to get him off — and you should look for a new boyfriend. One you can actually trust.

Pisces: February 19th – March 20th

He’s super close with all of his friends. Even the female ones. And, unfortunately, sometimes lines get blurred. Sometimes, people get closer than they mean to. That doesn’t excuse his behavior, of course, so don’t even think about going easy on him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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