If He Does These 13 Things, He’s Too Self-Centered For A Serious Relationship

Unsplash, Dylan Hibbert
Unsplash, Dylan Hibbert

1. He makes all the decisions. He chooses where you eat. What movie you watch. Where you go on dates. He never asks for your opinion, and whenever you offer it to him, he doesn’t bother to take it into consideration before making his decision.

2. He cares about his reputation. He doesn’t care about how he treats people. He only cares about how people view him. That means he’ll spend hours getting his hair just right — and he’ll even tell you what to wear. If you look too sloppy, he won’t want to be seen with you.

3. He does whatever he wants. He’s the type of guy that would rather beg for your forgiveness than ask for your permission. He’ll do what he wants when he wants, regardless of how you feel about it. And when you get mad, he’ll find a way to manipulate you into accepting his apology.

4. He gets pissed when he doesn’t get his way. If he wants you to come over, but you’re busy with work, he’ll get irrationally angry. He has some nineteenth-century idea that your life should revolve around him.

5. He doesn’t care if he hurts you. If his friends invite him out for beer and chicken wings, and that’s what he feels like eating, he won’t think twice before canceling plans with you. He does whatever is best for him — not for the relationship.

6. He rarely spends money on you. Maybe he’ll pick up the check at a restaurant, but he never surprises you with your favorite candy bar or a milkshake. Sentimental little things like that just don’t cross his mind.

7. He focuses on his future. He has plans for ten years down the road, but they only involve what he wants. He’s mentioned a wife, but you have the feeling he doesn’t even care if you’re the one he marries. It could be any girl.

8. He never offers oral. You’re always on top in the bedroom and you can’t even remember the last time you had an orgasm. He doesn’t bother trying to get you off. You’re on your own.

9. He always tries to one-up you. He’s never happy for you. If you tell him about the compliment your boss gave you, he’ll tell you about something even better that happened to him at work. He wants to create the illusion that he’s superior.

10. He doesn’t put in any real effort. He doesn’t send you mushy good morning texts. He doesn’t ask you about how your week went. He doesn’t even clean up after himself.

11. He hasn’t given up flirting. If a pretty girl hits on him, he’s going to return her affection. Flirting makes him feel good. And he does whatever makes him feel good, even if it makes you feel like a complete idiot.

12. He assumes you’re just like him. He won’t understand why watching him play Minecraft bores you. He doesn’t see how anyone could have a different opinion than him.

13. He lies whenever he feels the need. If he can get out of working a certain shift or going on a boring date with you by lying, he’ll do it to make his life easier. He won’t even feel bad about it. Deception comes naturally to him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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