Hold Out For Someone That Handles Your Heart With Fragile Hands

Twenty20, edric
Twenty20, edric

Ditch the men that treat your heart like a rag doll. You’ve had your emotions tossed around enough in the past. You’ve had your eyes blurred by tears. You’ve had your stomach sickened by loss. You’ve had your mind bloated by regrets.

You don’t need a love like that anymore.

Hold out for someone that handles your heart with fragile hands. Someone that realizes you’ve been through hell and your heart isn’t strong enough to handle any more fractures. Someone that sees you’ve been broken, sees the darkness cowering inside of you, and loves you more for it.

One day, you’ll find someone that respects your mind, your body — and your emotions. Someone that will snuggle up closer to you as you’re talking about your issues instead of inching away. Someone that will encourage you to spill your feelings, even though you’ve been conditioned to hide everything inside.

One day, you’ll find someone that endlessly voices their love, so you’re never left questioning if they’ve grown tired of you. Someone that whispers affectionate sayings after sex, so you remember you’re more than warm flesh and blood and bone. Someone that delicately chooses their words, so they never express something they regret during an argument.

One day, you’ll find someone that will commit to you in this era of non-commitment. Someone that reminds you that you don’t have to settle for a false love filled with false promises and false intimacy. You don’t have to use sex as a way to grow closer to someone. You don’t have to enter a casual relationship to avoid being labeled as desperate or clingy or weak.

Love isn’t what you’ve come to believe it is. It isn’t analyzing his texts and waiting for phone calls that’ll never come. It isn’t wondering if his flirting means anything and guessing where you stand with him.

Love isn’t uncertainty. It’s security.

So hold out for the type of love that you deserve. The all-consuming kind. The stay-up-all-night and stay-in-bed-all-morning kind. The kind that you’re not fully convinced exists yet.

But it does exist. And, if you hold out for someone that treats you like the beautiful soul you are, you’ll experience that love for yourself. It’ll feel comfortable and complex and right.

And it’ll be worth the wait. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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